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Aqualung wrote:
For example

If I do around 1000 DPS and I add the Added Fire Damage, does my DPS go to 1200 or it only increases the fire damage my weapon does?

Having read this thread over, to the best of my understanding, Added Fire Damage is based on only the Physical Damage aspect of the attack. If you link it to a skill that does no Physical Damage like Fire Trap it will have no effect (although the skill icon will display 'F' as the calculation is still performed, despite giving 0 extra damage, which is somewhat confusing).

For example (all numbers made up for easy calculations)
Your attack does 1000dps of which 600 is physical and 400 is fire.
You add a 'Added Fire Damage' support gem which reads "25% of Physical Damage added as Fire Damage"
Your Physical Damage is 600, 25% of that is 150 which is added as Fire Damage.
Total damage is therefor 1150, 600 physical + 400 fire + 150 fire from the support gem.

Hopefully my understanding is correct and if it's not or if this is misleading I'll get rid of the post.
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It really should be made clearer that this gem does not effect spells, when all other added elemental damage gems do.

Edit: Never mind, it actually is clear in game, just not on the Wiki.
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Don't know if it was asked before, but I dont have time to scroll all the pages here.

When this support gem procs ignite, the ignite deals damage proportional to all of the damage that has been dealt during the attack or only proportional to damage done by the support gem?
just (all) fire damage, even fire damage not caused by this gem.
Does talents like Lava Lash (+30% Firedamage) work with this gem?

So 1000 Phys Dam
+30% firedam from gem -> 300 firedamage * 1,3 (Lava Lash) = 390 firedamage added
Assuming you link Added Fire to an Attack, yes, it will work. It's Fire damage dealt with a Weapon, and Lava Lash applies to, well, Fire damage dealt with Weapons.
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just checked my stats when i linked molten shell with added fire dmg.
added fire dmg doesnt increase dmg of molten shell. (same as fire trap.)

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In game, it clearly states, that x% of your PHYSICAL damage is added as fire damage. It's very simple and obvious how it works.
I have a question.

Is this math correct ?

Base Phy damage : 100
Added fire gem : %37 phy added as fire and %15 inc fire damage
Projectile Damage : %57 from passives and gems ( fp and ek )
Phy Damage : Total %37 increased phy damage ( the magnate - oak reward )

Calculation as follows:

Phy damage : 100*( 1.0+0.37+0.57 ) = 194
Fire damage : 100 * 0.37 = 37
37*( 1.0+0.15+0.37+0.57 ) = 77,33
total damage : 194 + 77,33 = 271,33

Afaik, when calculating fire damage only, % inc phy damage is added also. But I am not so sure about projectile damage. Also I am wondering about the damage when casting both Projectile Weakness and Vulnerability as they have '' more '' damage mods.
Calculation looks correct to me. The Fire damage is part of your Projectile hit, so it benefits from Projectile Damage. It's the reason Projectile Damage is such a good modifier :)

PW and Vuln are two separate multiplicative damage bonuses. Vuln only applies to the Physical damage dealt, Projectile Weakness increases both the Physical and Fire damage.
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