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thx for the insights, especially the ice storm example should give new players an incentive to read item descriptions more carefully and look into them more deeply.

NickK_GGG wrote:
If someone asked me what Path of Exile's greatest strength was, I'd answer with just one word:

reading you speaking in the past gave me a chill without getting hit by ice storm.
a lot of complaints , for me this looks like a really fun unique , you want to try the item out when you get it , you want to use other uniques with it to get max int , even if its not the best way of doing it, and it adds something new and fresh to the game =).

i rate this unique 8/10 where 10 is headhunter and 1 is veil of the night.

I can understand some diamondsupporters not liking this if you shut down they're earlier attempts of making a similar item , but i can understand where you are coming from aswell .

The skill is already in game so no extra manpower on that , and it's easier to balance without arguing against a second party (instead internally over and over it seems like :P)
"later this year"? what does that mean? I was under the impression late April

Jeez, with 117-351 tooltip damage... doesn't that mean it's a toon with 900+ int (+16% from the item itself)? Lol.
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''expansion containing Act Four launches later this year''

Well we can pretty much forget about Act IV in April. He wouldn't have said it like that if so..

No wonder there's no news on ACT IV, since it's launch is several month's away..

GG GGG, GG. -.-
Nobody cares about leveling uniques, we have plenty of those already. I haven`t yet been convinced that attribute scaling is good idea since the bonuses they grant are small. Icestorm is going to be like "frozen sky" bloodline mod? It`s going to be as widely used as Firestorm, very generic. I`d like to see a "meteor" type of skill.
Path of Exile - RNG based hoarding simulator

Dat middle skill... Chaos Gollem?

Also, that useless chest unique...
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Mark_GGG wrote:
... unlike other supports, they affect things that are properties of the gem, not the skill it grants. Since this item, and Jaws of Agony before it, grant a skill without a gem, those gem-only supports cannot apply to the granted skills.


"...Place into an item socket connected to a socket containing the active skill gem you wish to augment..."

I dont quite get this part, all supports seems to be gem-only support if according to these wording :X

What im saying is, if it doesn't work with this,
4L Jaws of Agony should not work either.

Please dont kill me JoA user T_T
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Everyone seems not to notice this little thing.

I'm pretty sure it's a new skill, supported either by increased AoE or a new (green or red) support gem.
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Mark_GGG wrote:

While this is the first unique that grants a skill you can't otherwise get, it's not the first one that grants a skill - see Jaws of Agony, which grants Bear Trap. This works exactly the same way. The skill will be supported by any applicable support gems socketed into the item.

Hmmm, interesting. Just out of curiosity, does that mean it doesn't have to be 6 linked to get 6 support gems linked to icestorm? What happens if that staff has 6 sockets with one 4 link and one 2 link and I put "Cold penetration" and "Faster Casting" in the 2 link and "Spell Echo", "Cold To Fire", "Crit multi" and "PCoC" in the 4 link?

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