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Item Development - Information

You guys don't get that with this you pretty much can pretty much have ALL 3 purity auras in the staff linked to empower lvl 4 and a reduced mana for some crazy resistences and you will have a free slot for whatever other aura you might need, this way you won't have to worry that much about having resistences on all your items and you can concentrate on getting aura nodes, int nodes and spell nodes, ignoring the fact that you can also have more auras linked to blood magic and run low life with shavronne's and with decent es gear you will have a HUGE ammount of ES, what would make you pretty tanky.

Considering that a person is using two Perandus Signet and Astramentis the player can soleny from the gear have up to 448 int, without any inteligence from the skill tree... I mean people with a nice amount of currency can make pretty decent -probably even op- builds arround it, if I am lucky enough to get my hands on that unique I would for sure try to make the best out of it and I am sure this item is capable of a lot more than it appears.

On a side note you guys shouldn't forget that more uniques and even AURAS (maybe one that increase the level of active skills?) and they might influence this staff positivelly.
There's at least one item that doesn't explicitly state the skill's level... Asenath's Gentle Touch, so I give a +1 to the "grants unique ice storm skill" crowd. I think that also removes confusion related to empower.

Also, being that the gem is built into the item, having just a six socket (with no links) is an effective 7 link, so depending on the rarity and price of this unique staff (<= 1 exalt, once the market stabilizes?), it could be possibly the most affordable 7 link build out there, right?

Keep up the good work GGG!
Okay, the first tree I came up with had 300 Intelligence. Let's say you can get up to 600 for the sake of argument (via other sources of increased Intelligence).

Sure, you have a 7L, but you're scaling damage on a 60-180 damage spell. Compare that to a lvl 20 Firestorm in a Pledge of Hands--the 7L is there and the base damage is higher (122-183). Plus, Firestorm can use Empower and Icestorm cannot.

I'm actually concerned that Icestorm is too weak at endgame more than I am about anything else. I think that it's going to end up as a leveling staff.
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Vorakiv wrote:
There's at least one item that doesn't explicitly state the skill's level... Asenath's Gentle Touch
Asenath's Gentle Touch does not grant a skill at all - this in fact highlights the main reason for having the level of the skill shown; that being that players tend to use differences in descriptions, as well as similarities, as tools in understanding. Players expect that things that work the same will be described the same, and that if something is described differently, it works differently.

This item works the same as all other items granting skills (which all use the same phrasing, including the level), and so is currently described the same. Asenath's Gentle Touch is described differently because it does something mechanically very different - it's not an item granting a skill of any level to the player.

For the record, anything applying a curse on hit will apply a curse equivalent to the curse from a level 1 skill unless otherwise specified - this isn't spelled out for the reasons described in Nick's articles (and is always applied consistently, so that players can learn the full details and apply them correctly to other cases that use the same descriptions).
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Great write up! I would love more posts like this.

All I got for a suggestion is changing the name of Ice Storm to Blizzard. I'm not at all influenced by diablo 2...
Well, if Ice Storm is not a gem but a unique skill, could you make this skill link with any support gems in the staff? I think having Cold Penetration+spell echo+inc duration will make Ice Storm a decent skill. Otherwise, no point in having 1L as a main skill among 5-6L ones.
I have mixed feelings about oskills like this. I love the idea of the item and the way it's done but it takes away a bit of diversity. Players who want to go Icestorm can only do by using this staff.

I'm also concerned about the rarity of the item. Is this something that the average player can play with? Or is it another item that will cost 10+ exalts so that players with families and jobs will see this only through twitch streams and YouTube videos?
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Advanced tool tip option for us 'advanced or anal' player that wants to know every bit of info!
Any idea how common a drop this will be?
Great idea. A very interesting unique indeed. There is so much to do about it.

And thanks for the icon of the Summon Chaos Golem, was looking forward to get more info about it <3

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