What's Being Kept from Rampage/Beyond?

boof wrote:
Anything being changed to make doing lower level master missions on a new character have a point? (once you've already gotten a master relatively high level on a previous character)

As it is, they're just a nuisance and eyesore when you encounter them on your new character, as they tend to mess up the map layout.

I'd like to see all master quests give an extra 1 alt to 1 chaos random instant reward, kinda like how corrupted zones give a corrupted gem. These types of instant rewards can make anything fun.
Did you say "Act 4" and "next year" in the same sentence....unbelievablesness...GG GGG, love it

March 2015.
Another cool idea would be to add Beyond as a curse from either rares/uniques and/or boxes.
Cursed with it, you have a chance to summon the portals.
Could also be a cool corrupted gem: corrupted purity maybe?

As a hardcore mod I found Beyond a lot less exciting & scary than invasion, hopefully the next HC challenge league will cause more heartbeats to be skipped.
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Kiri2k wrote:
Chris wrote:

Untainted Paradise
Prior to the one-week race in late November, the experience awarded by monsters in the Untainted Paradise map will be reduced substantially. It'll still be very good experience but won't be a critical component in winning the ladder race.

Keep destroying fun stuff . . . it should be just taken out for short races ( 1week - 1month max) and let it as now for the other leagues, it's not like is so common.

I'm all with GGG on this one. I had two characters each shotgunned up in levels from running just 2 zana untainted paradise maps, and it was pretty silly op. If you get say 3 levels from a single map, that's not so bad, and still fun. But I'd consider making the unique bosses drop unique items for fun (such as giving one of the unique bosses inner treasure, and perhaps that trade off will cool some of the outrage.)
Redblade wrote:
Chris wrote:

Rampage League
We have decided not to introduce Rampage into the core game as an always-on feature. As of 1.3.0, the Rampage-specific uniques will grant a form of Rampage.

Please keep the kill counter as a permanent (optional) feature.

this, just keep the rampage feature but add option for turn on/off rampage mode
I mostly play on Standard, as I starded PoE not long ago (3 months or so), so I am not that familiar with progression and stuff, but... Untainted Paradise is such a nice way to level gems up!

Untainted Paradise exp can get your gems from level 1 to level 15 in one go, or really help with getting those level 20 gems for the 20Q vendor recipe; Considering that one needs to spam level 66 maps to get a better chance at a Zana quest with said unique map, I don't see why nerf it's exp towards gems - it is already hard to get.

... maybe give it an unique mod that increases exp towards gems, to keep the nerfed one in line with the current one? Or just give us other ways to level and break (Vaal, heh) our gems.

Good developer ideas, tho! Rampage coming back in the same way as Onslaught is a really good move.
Still time to get your uniques for collection before they stop dropping !

Help me complete my unique collection: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/335591

I think most of the folks that want the kill counter be added to Standard want it only to see if they're on a kill streak, not in order for it to kick off the Rampage effect like in the current Rampage league.

I'd be all for a kill counter in standard that could be turned on/off. Sometimes I like to see that I've chewed through a couple hundred mobs, especially when I get a Zana mission where the mobs fracture, is inhabited by Sea Witches and their spawn and there is a counter that adds time when you kill mobs. I've managed to get the timer up to over 30 minutes doing those types of missions! :D

morc1us wrote:

Put Beyond monsters into Corrupted Areas. and put big chest with more rewards and make longer levels with more density of monsters

Great idea!

P.S. So much waited for the end of the leagues to to see what new Standart will gain from it, and...nothing. Eh
If I dont reply to you - I dont give a flying duck about your opinion

If you dont reply to me - I dont care either because I dont come back to see who replied to me
I absolutely agree with all of the decisions stated in the original post. wow.
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good

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