What's Being Kept from Rampage/Beyond?

morc1us wrote:

Put Beyond monsters into Corrupted Areas. and put big chest with more rewards and make longer levels with more density of monsters

Great idea!

P.S. So much waited for the end of the leagues to to see what new Standart will gain from it, and...nothing. Eh

I'd say nothing at this time. It seems that GGG is making 1.3.0 all about the PVP tournaments with mostly minor changes related to the current Rampage/Beyond leagues ending. 1.4.0 coming in the Spring 2015 will be the next big change to the game both in content and other tweaks.

I for one am excited for the upcoming changes coming to the game over the next 6 months even if they're not all changes that I want to have happen.

Heck, even GGG telling us most of what is going to happen BEFORE it happens in the game is huge compared to a lot of other F2P games out there!

Chris wrote:

Rampage League
We have decided not to introduce Rampage into the core game as an always-on feature. As of 1.3.0, the Rampage-specific uniques will grant a form of Rampage.

I'm so happy that is happening. That was really a very bad mechanic in my opinion.

I can't believe people are crying because of the overdue untainted paradise nerf. I mean "it's fun" really ? Just admit it's an op way of leveling. Also it's great for rich people to buy spots on the map and get easy levels because having godly items is not enough.

Also I still don't get why the challenge leagues are so short. I mean now you have a 3 week break where many ppl just don't play at all. I mean personally I can only say screw standard & screw races. Why not at least let the league run until the next one is ready to be deployed ?

Overall still a great game & great developers. Keep up the good work.
Shagsbeard wrote:
Please please please consider Solo/self-found play as being "worthy" and tweek your master missions so that we can get past at least the first few levels of Zana.
Her timed missions are im-pos-ib-bullshit.

I think this is build specific. I solo all the zana timed missions easily with a char worth less than 2 exalt. The real pain is Vorici with his 'don't kill stuff' requirements. I have to take out half my gems to do those.

Fishing for 1.3.0 please
I really didn't mind Rampage, but it did feel pretty "meh". Kind of surprised it's not entering Standard, because why not? I don't really see what people dislike about it. Is the mechanic just too meta?

Didn't care for Beyond though. The bosses were pretty challenging so I wouldn't mind a unique map full of challenging Beyond mobs where you have to take out all the bosses. I'd think it would be like the Apex of Sacrifice where there exist no normal white mobs. In contrast to Beyond, I really liked Invasion and was sad to see the Invasion mechanic didn't really stick around (even though I ripped to the bear trap leap slamming guy twice). It might be cool to see Invaders or beyond packs as targets assigned by Masters, or as a rare strongbox affix.
Untainted Paradise
Prior to the one-week race in late November, the experience awarded by monsters in the Untainted Paradise map will be reduced substantially. It'll still be very good experience but won't be a critical component in winning the ladder race.

Please just fix this in a race scenario. While some consider it a broken leveling map, it is a really cool reward from having Zana as a master and does help a lot when leveling gems.

If this is reduced too much, then it is just a poor excuse of a map, as it is only about experience and at that point should really just be removed altogether.
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Good riddance to Untainted Paradise. If you want to speed up levelling at high level, hyper-RNG systems aren't the way to do it, the way to do it is to give harder enemies (such as mobs in high IIQ rare maps) more XP.

There's no real integrity to a race where people can get boosted from 60 to 75 by a few friends sharing their UPs with them.

I strongly agree with the poster that suggested adding Beyond spawning effects to the affix pool for strongboxes.
Le Toucan Will Return
Its good to see that almost all the league features are getting scraped from the core game, good riddance. Hopefully the next leagues will allow the expansion to shine more so than during these last 3 months.
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
It would be very interesting if u considered adding this fearute in the core-game:

Everytime a player enters (or resets) an area there is a slight chance to get a Rampage or Beyond mod, just like the appearance of Corrupted Areas.

Is it possible to modify the algorythm like this? Oh, and about the balance, it can be obtained by adjusting this probability.
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