What's Being Kept from Rampage/Beyond?

Challenge leagues (like Rampage/Beyond) are a great place to test out new game mechanics while receiving plenty of feedback and data about how players interact with them. When challenge leagues end, we have to choose what parts of these new features to roll into the core game. Some systems like Rogue Exiles (Anarchy) and Shrines (Domination) came from challenge leagues in this way.

The updates described in this document will not all happen as soon as the leagues end. Most of these changes will be rolled into the 1.3.0 patch.

Untainted Paradise
Prior to the one-week race in late November, the experience awarded by monsters in the Untainted Paradise map will be reduced substantially. It'll still be very good experience but won't be a critical component in winning the ladder race.

Rampage League
We have decided not to introduce Rampage into the core game as an always-on feature. As of 1.3.0, the Rampage-specific uniques will grant a form of Rampage.

Rampage will also still be available as a Zana Map Device option. The level of Zana and price will likely change in 1.3.0.

Beyond League
Beyond portals and demons won't be making their way into the core game in an always-on way. Beyond will be available as a random map mod and will of course still be a Zana Map Device option. This option will probably have its price and level changed in 1.3.0.

You may encounter Abaxoth and his minions in other forms in the future (or past).

Forsaken Masters
The active expansion is still Forsaken Masters and will remain so until the expansion containing Act 4 is released next year. The 1.3.0 update is technically part of Forsaken Masters and adds to its featureset. Masters will remain just as common as they are currently.

Higher level missions will grant more reputation and favour than they do currently. It will be easier to reach level 8 with masters after 1.3.0 is deployed.

Once Forsaken Masters is no longer the active expansion (i.e. in 1.4.0), Masters will still be part of the core game.

Unique Items
None of the Rampage/Beyond-specific unique items will drop as part of normal play once these challenge leagues end. Zana's Map Device may offer some ways to obtain them. We may also use them for alternate art race/PvP rewards or in other forms in the future. As mentioned earlier, the Rampage uniques will grant some form of the Rampage mod.
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