PoE Shops Indexer — search for items with ease

I'm still getting a fatal error whenever i try and search for an item (Currency tab works tho)

I need my poe.trade fix :(
It seems to be working as i can use it to search for stuff... Maybe it's starting to work again :o

Hyyype. Thank you anyway XYZ even if it isn't fully working yet.
The service is now restored, let me know if you're still having issues.
I get no results found for any search on ps4. I've tried both Standard and Harvest. PC searches work fine. Tied searching but couldn't find any info regarding issues with platform specific searches. thanks!
Hi guys, I've put up Anomalous Glacial Hammer(heist quality) for sale, but seems it it cannot be found on "Glacial Hammer" search request

P.S. Opps, it is ok, it is tracked. But looks like you should add new modifiers to gem's description in the shop
Last edited by Vyacheslavmikh on Sep 20, 2020, 10:15:41 AM
Hey ! On standard league poe.trade doesn't value mirror/exalt trades correctly and positions 1 mirror cheaper than 460ex even tho mirrors are about 510+ex
Hi if i made a search with type "Beast" nothing appear why ???

but if i look for "fenumal scorpion" without "any" type it s ok

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