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"#% of spell damage leeched as mana" is not a valid affix. Why is it listed? It's not even considered during a search, so there's no reason for it to exist as an option.
Shop hasn't updated all day for me. I have people spamming for ex for 65c when its no longer listed.
Cant look for other then very large rings on thread of hope.
Could you Please add "Rogue's Marker" to the Bulk Currency Exchange Tab?

---- nvm fixed..
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There is a LOT of missing mods for heist item, do you know when they will be added ?

There is a LOT of missing mods for heist item, do you know when they will be added ?

Hi, could you provide some examples of mods which are missing?
Are sextants going to be updated on the currency section? We no longer use apprentice/journeyman/master sextants and making a buy order for them has turned out fruitless. How do I make a buy order for simple sextants using poe trade?

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Hi, i find a bug from gems.

if one gem has two skills, like Infernal Cry, the web will pick up the secondary skill name.

the first skill name is in gem['hybrid']['baseTypeName'] rather than gem['typeLine']

hope can fix this quickly.

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I've added preliminary support for PS4/Xbox now. Only items listed on forums will be displayed. There is no online status indication.

Just checking in on XBOX trade. There doesn’t seem to be any items available. Colour this dead? Does GGG have any plan to make XBOX API public?

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