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Pichilin wrote:
Im requesting the URL to manage my shop through POE Trader by a pm here to poexyzis (using the link in the poe trader web), but Im not getting anything back.
Is it my problem or is anything wrong?


Please try sending the message again, the issue should be resolved now.
First of all: Thanks a lot for your site! I love it for rare and unique item search.
For currency and maps pathofexile.com exchange works better for me and I seem to get less fake listings (subjectively).

Request 1: Set exact requierd number of affixes/total stats.
--> e.g. Rares with exactly/more/less than 4 stats or empty affixes. Especially useful for jewels but also if i need/want to craft a specific suffix on a ring or amulet.

Request 2: right click on player name to permanently hide from results.
--> explanation should not be necessary for anyone who has been using the site.

Thanks again for your work!
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