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Please if it possible add Winged Scarabs on poe.trade website)
I can't get an access key for traiding. After following this link https://control.poe.trade/ I came to the main page of the PoE website with my account logged in and here I can't get the key.
Also after I logged in poe trade site remembers me it shows me this stuff https://ibb.co/jGmHqVw and I still don't see where I can get the key.
What should I do? Help me pls.
modifiers for heist equipment, such as brooches, cloaks, etc, appears to be missing
It would be great to have the ability to save searches. I often set up a complicated search, only to find that it's too expensive for now, and have to set it up again a week later. I also have 3 or 4 tabs open with different searches, but it eats up a lot of memory for chrome. Having saved searches would help a lot.

I would also be willing to pay a nominal fee for the ability as an extra or micro-transaction of sorts.
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