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DRW2017 wrote:
I've added preliminary support for PS4/Xbox now. Only items listed on forums will be displayed. There is no online status indication.

Just checking in on XBOX trade. There doesn’t seem to be any items available. Colour this dead? Does GGG have any plan to make XBOX API public?

Sorry about that, I've fixed PS4/xbox indexing support, you should see new items trickle in.
Hi, can you make it possible, to search by group. Example: Search by armor, by Misc, By weapon.
When trying do make a build, it's way easier to be able to find the matching armor than have to go trough all types to see if such property exists
its impossible to search for
Impending Doom Support Gems
Currency.poe.trade is unable to list sextants -- they list the previous generation sextants before the Atlas change in 3.10.

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