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I was troubleshooting this with some fine folks on Discord and noticed my character was displayed as offline on pathofexile.com/trade too. To further troubleshoot I created a character in SC Flashback. After a few minutes poe.trade showed me online but pathofexile.com/trade still showed me offline. I navigated to https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/settings and set 'Online Status' to 'Show my status on all leagues'. After a few minutes both trade sites showed me as online. I logged back into HC SSF Flashback and 10 minutes later I'm still shown as online on pathofexile.com/trade but poe.trade has switched back to showing me offline.

I tested this with another character on SC SSF Flashback and have the same issue as below/above. So maybe it is an issue with SSF or SSF vs non-SSF?

Original post below:

It looks like the option to set yourself online regardless of which league you're playing in is not working correctly.

I have items listed in public stash tabs in Beastiary League (I do *NOT* have items listed in any other league). My 'control // poe.trade' page states, "Currently you are shown online in all leagues, no matter which you are playing in." When I am logged into Beastiary I am shown as online on poe.trade. When I am logged into HC SSF Flashback Event I am not shown as online unless I click the 'become online for 5 minutes' link.

I've reset the option. Logged in and out. Been online (in each league) for a long time (>30 min). Been offline for a long time.

Possibly related (really don't know if relevant, maybe being in SSF league is more relevant): I recently deleted a character (from Beastiary). All of my items on poe.trade were stuck under the deleted character's name. I created a new character (on Beastiary) with the same name to 'reset' my name on poe.trade but logged into HC SSF Flashback. I noticed that poe.trade did not reset my name until I logged into one of my Beastiary characters (I don't think it was the new one with the trouble name). Now my items are listed under my active character (whichever league I'm on) but wont show as online unless I'm on Beastiary or click 'become online'.

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Was an issue with how the API returns online status, which should now be resolved.
Yeah. It looks to be working now.
Thanks. :) <3
Can you support the concept of standard and tmp-standard in the background. This way urls to items can be reused from league to league. Currently anything that was setup for Bestiary won't work on future leagues

It seems I can't find the items i post on poe.trade using aquisition. I have it auto updating and im shown online on my control link, but I cannot find any items I have posted, even the ones that I posted more than a week ago. Is this something I can fix or is this out of my control?
Please poe developers group, let me now if i am banned on poetrade. Cause i cannot see my trades for 2 months allready, since my deals ^ ^. Just give me some correct info to know, do i need generaly stop buying those stash tabs and get a new acc?
Hey. my goods are not displayed on the site poetrade. although they are in premium tabs. with a fixed price. and I'm online. please, write to me what is the reason? my profile: https://ru.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/gothman66666
Cca 15 mins back poe.trade stopped to show items. Currency works fine.

First there was: "server can not be found" and after no items are displayed.

Trade on ggg web page works with np.
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Cca 15 mins back poe.trade stopped to show items. Currency works fine.

First there was: "server can not be found" and after no items are displayed.

Trade on ggg web page works with np.

I just ran a search for Headhunter on Flashback Event and it worked. Could you try again and see if it works now? If not, could I've an example of what you're searching for?
POE Trade Companion's default settings are against GGG's rules.

The creator's FAQ actively lies about this.

same problem here, can't find anything:

Nothing was found. Try widening your search criteria.
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