*** Gellig's level 100 Aegis End-Game Boss Tank -- updated 8/25/14 ***

_________________________Gellig's Aegis End-Game Boss Tank___________________________

_________________________Gellig's Aegis End-Game Boss Tank___________________________
Hi all,

I've had multiple requests for some information on my build, so here you go. I'm a level 100 Tank in POE, and am built for end-game bosses (optimized for minimizing risk). I've melee facetanked all bosses (with pretty much all mods) many times -- which also means you can solo any maps/mods in the game. As you can see in the videos thread listed below, I've done many World Firsts (defined as the first recorded evidence of that fight with key mods), done some AFK boss vids (to show how tanky he can be), etc. That being said, while every boss/every mod is doable (at least I havn't found one I can't do), some are often not worth the risk: -max Crema (+ other mods obviously can make it riskier), -max Shock and Horror (ditto), -max Dominus (ditto). And of course, Uber Queen Atziri is a whole new ball game of challenge, especially for melee. However, if you just levelled (or are 100), then there is minimal risk of loss (unless you are in HC).

Here are some quotes from players in this thread and from my videos thread:
"Best Tank in poe, period." - hitreza
"+1 to best tank in POE!" - Marmeduke
"That...was...amazing. Excellent build." - Bowman8763
"love this + 100" - FullCust
"Best Tank in poe, period. +1" - brookeanimals
"Very impressive, best tank I ever seen!" - Hossdelgado
"awesome build..." - EmirSc
"Great build, also vids are amazeing !!" - fkgrechu
"Very very nice build" - Mian_Scaratan
"very very nice build :)" - Nightflowne
"Great guide." - Daresso
"Impressive stuff, mind blown..." - JennaHaze
"best tank ever..." - turtleken
"Great guide!! THE best tank build on POE!" - Soulbr1nger
"The best ever" - uTun
"awesome guide!!" - lokn7
"Amazing build mate" - camapngu133
"Awesome build" - glazn
"King of tanks...THANK YOU!" - whoismiked
"best build ever!" - Mutant890

Videos of melee facetanking all Bosses in game, including AFK fights, World Firsts, etc:

Thread to all vids: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/719253

Boss Highlights from the above thread:
World First level 72 Torture Chamber Double Boss Minus Max melee facetank at same time
level 74 Maze Double Boss Minus Max melee facetank at same time
level 74 Residence Double Boss Minus Max melee facetank at same time
level 76 Academy Double Boss Minus Max Chain melee facetank at same time
World First level 76 Crematorium Double Boss Minus Max (-25) melee facetank at same time
level 77 Shipyard Double Boss Minus Max +Dmg melee facetank at same time
level 77 Shrine Double Boss Minus Max +Dmg +Speed LMP melee facetank at same time
level 78 Courtyard Double Boss Minus Max melee facetank at same time
World First level 78 Palace Double Boss Minus Max melee facetank at same time
Level 79 Vaal Temple Trio bosses… lots of teety beetches lol
Apex of Sacrifice Queen Atziri melee facetank in tank spec
Level 80 The Alluring Abyss Double Vaal Bosses melee facetank
Level 80 The Alluring Abyss Trio Bosses melee facetank
World First level 80 The Alluring Abyss Uber Queen Atziri melee facetank (World First using no flasks; also World First life-based melee, solo, no deaths, using <= 3 auras which is what most life-based melee have -- NOTE: I significantly changed my build to optimize for this fight)
I was going to create a whole guide on Uber Atziri et others, but since people were asking for info sooner rather than later, I figured I would just explain quickly instead with this post.

Re: links in the staff in my original vid: Shockwave Totem, Chance to Flee, Increased AOE, Faster Casting, Increased Duration (so you don't need to recast it during spawn phase -- though you don't need this), Blood Magic (if your mana is an issue -- though if you 4 link it you don't need it). I would link it but I already have changed the colors for another set of tests I was doing for something else. However, use DD instead (read below).

For kicks, if you want to use a melee skill to get past her spawn phase, you can also use Ground Slam/Chance to Flee or Lightning Strike (Ground Slam is safer). Here is a quick vid snippet using Ground Slam for a low dps character in the spawn phase to show you how it can work:


That being said, Double Doryani is way better, and you don't even need Desecrate since they are undead:


My recommendation for the easiest and safest clearing of spawn phase for a low dps, and refills your flasks, is Double Doryani:

Drop your Shockwave Totem/Increased Duration/Chance to Flee once at beginning of spawn phase (not really needed, by why not), and then just DD/Chance to Ignite/Conc Effect (you could also probably try Inc AOE instead of Chance to Ignite if you want).

As I stated, I changed my build significantly for Uber Queen. It is statistically doable with default Aegis builds variants, but there is a much higher chance you will die (I wish they didn't gate Uber to allow more people to try things), thus I went Safelli's and Evasion. My personal goal was to finish the content as a melee tank without dying (plus some other constraints):


I've done her with a couple tweaks to the above as well -- and I always like to encourage people to try different things to explore the game.

These are the main item changes I incorporated (I also tried a pair of crappy evasion gloves):

Spell Echo is very useful for keeping EC up, and I recommend it. IC makes The 2nd Trio fight a joke, and it helps in the first. Note, I didn't use Spell Echo for Uber Queen, but I'm now using it for times where I'm casting EC. I also recommend simply Spell Echo/EC & IC for the dungeon as it makes it a joke as well.

That's it for now. Stay positive folks, it is just a game :)

AFK Highlights from the above thread:
level 72 Jungle Valley Double Boss Minus Max LMP afking
level 76 Crema Double Megaera afking
level 77 Shrine Piety Minus Max GMP Frenzy afking
level 78 Courtyard Double Bosses afking
level 78 Dominus Minus 23 Max + Boss Speed afking
World First Apex of Sacrifice Queen Atziri quad Atziris afking
World First Apex of Sacrifice Queen Atziri afking
World First level 79 Vaal Trio Chain no Curse afking (before killing anyone!)
World First level 80 The Alluring Abyss Trio Bosses afking
World First level 80 The Alluring Abyss Uber Queen Atziri afking
World First level 80 The Alluring Abyss Uber Atziri Quad phase afking

NOTE -- some videos have tweaked gear/specs (see my spoiler above for spec on Uber Atziri). Don't try the crazy stuff without really knowing the game or expect to die. PM me for help if you run into problems. Most of the videos I did prior to 1.2, so changes are always possible in later versions of the game.


What I wear normally:


This build focuses on Aegis for blocking, thus Stone/Rainbowstrides are for spell block. Kaom’s for health.

That 548 dps Corsair is currently the best 1-hander out there for this build (the other high 1h dps Foils out there require many nodes for Dex, thus are actually less DPS than this Corsair). I needed 2% mana leech for it, so I geared/passived accordingly (more would be lost due to mana gain cap).

My goal with gear was to get as much Chaos res as possible to counter any in-game chaos NPCs as well as mitigate Blood Rage (which is used for Healing & extra DPS). I have a ring in the stash I used to use for +75% Chaos res, but I found 50%ish was enough.

Another goal was to be at default max res without any endurance charges (so another +28 res from endurance over max). Sometimes I swap in +1 overmax Stone, or use +3 Empower with level 21 Purity of gems to further increase max res.

I also wanted to be close to 90% damage reduction with determination and endurance charges, so I optimized armor for that as well. After significant testing, I felt low 80%s was enough.

Another goal I had was to be able to use lvl 20 enfeeble, thus some Int on gear was needed (along with passives). Obviously aim for +life, and any physical DPS (str)/AS mods generally speaking. Also, with corrupt items in 1.1, I got a few Corrupted Stone's of Laz (a +4 blocking, a spell blocking, and a +1 curse). Now I utilize Enfeeble and Temp chains as needed.

ES is also nice, making the overall block build stronger, so looked for that mod on items where possible.

I also tweaked my build in 1.2. Now I sometimes run with CWDT, Blood Rage, Enduring Cry, Enfeeble in 1 item, and then I have a castable Blood Rage in another item. I did this because I decided not on taking the passive trees +leech nodes given their location. I'd recommend getting +2% life leech on an item, like I've done with mana.

Alternate gear options

Legacy Soultaker is great -- you don't need to take the mana nodes, and you hardly have to worry about regen (other than in no regen maps and movement), but dps is hurt. I used to use legacy Soultaker. One downside to it is no Whirling Blades, which is a great skill if you want to be serious about all boss fights. It also is fun to have unlimited Dominating Blows (though parties hate it). You can use Double Strike with it as well (and Dominating Blow when solo).

Another interesting option is to use Rime Gaze (I currently keep it in my stash). It is +DPS, +500 ES (up to 2000 which is great), -major armor, -chaos res, -life, -int (thus I need to tweak things). It is definitely something to play around with to see what you like.

Finally, I could improve the DPS of the build with more AS/Physical Dmg, and obviously improve the Shield with more ES on items.

Gems/skills and Why?

I have found that for general levelling, Reave (and my other gems) is a great primary skill because it is decent AOE and single target skill. I like the AOE and DPS implications when paired with Multistrike. MPD adds the best DPS, as well as Concentrated Effect (which minimizes some AOE, but still is a great tradeoff). However, for optimizing for Boss fights, Heavy Strike is often best (Heavy Strike, Multistrike, Melee Physical Damage, Faster Attacks). One option is to get some white sockets on various items to be able to mix things up.

My movement skills are: Leap Slam, Whirling Blades, and Faster Attacks. Pretty much all needed for mapping and bosses. You could opt to keep Leap Slam at level 1 since its primarily for movement, but the delta is so minimal I opted for the marginal DPS increase.

Level 1 CWDT & level 5 Enduring Cry & level 5 Blood Rage:
As monsters do minimal amount of damage to me, I auto Enduring Cry and do limited duration Blood Rage. I like the limited duration because in a no-regen map a long duration can get annoying (you can chose to remove the Blood Rage gem if you want on no-regen maps). I played for a long time with Legacy Soultaker and Blood Rage w/ Inc Duration, but was glad once I swapped to CWDT. I sometimes also will tweak this to level 20 CWDT, level 20 Enduring Cry, and a higher Blood Rage.

I used to unlink Portal so I can use Portal when I want, or remove Portal and put in Arctic Armor (which is really only needed in -Max Crematorium, though you could use it in other bosses for minimal gain) when wanted.

In 1.2 I linked it and instead have a spare ring with Portal in it. Now I can do things like use Immortal Call + Increased Duration + Enduring Call in there, etc.

I use Determination, Reduced Mana, Discipline on my shield for normal Tank mode, or swap shields for Hatred, Reduced Mana, Discipline for more DPS. I can also chose to swap in Purity of Elements for Elemental Weakness maps if I want.

Before 1.2 I normally ran with Blood Magic, Enduring Cry, Increased Duration, Enfeeble (so I can do Enduring Cry on demand and do Enfeeble on Demand; sometimes if I feel leaving EC on CWDT is enough, then I'll swap in lvl 3 Empower for my lvl 20 Enduring Cry to increase my Enfeeble up to level 22.). For AFKing I remove Blood Rage, then replace Blood Magic with lvl 20 CWDT and replace the lvl 20 Enduring Cry with lvl 20 Rejuv Totem or with Lvl 3 Empower (you could also play around with lvl 20 Immortal Call or lvl 20 Molten Shell).

Since 1.2 with nodes being toned down, I tweak things -- now there are more White sockets, so try to utilize gear that will give you the most flexibility. Blood Magic gems generally aren't needed now with the skills being tweaked on mana consumption.

When do you prefer Double Strike?

The only time I really prefer Double Strike is if I want to go single target (no AOE). Otherwise I found Reave's single target and AOE DPS balance better. Also if using Soultaker.

Why not Heavy Strike?

Parties hate it, though it has its uses for moving the boss. Nice DPS though.


Misc Flasks I often carry in inventory:

More flasks for various boss options. Purity for Elem Weakness maps if needed. For AFKing remove Blood Rage, then replace Blood Magic with lvl 20 CWDT and replace the lvl 20 Enduring Cry with Rejuv Totem (or Empower, Immortal Call, or Molten Shell). Arctic Armor is for -max Crema (you could use it other places, but it is not really needed).

Misc items in Inv:

Shield swap & items in stash I might use:

Shield on swap (aka for my 'dps' variant):

Other items in stash:

Fairgraves' theoretically could be used for -shock stacks -- but I pretty much don't use it.

Another Aegis only used for -max Crema variants.

... and you can never have enough flasks ;)

Gems to play around with...

Never know...

And then some others (be prepared!):

I've got a few other swap items.. but you get the point ;)

Passive Tree at level 100:


Note, before 1.1.0 I part of my goal as a tank was to have 100% mana regen on no regen and 1/2 regen maps (which I tested on invul mobs on maps with those mods, tweaking my passives until I had infinite swing ability), thus the reason for the reduced mana cost and + mana nodes (as I never wanted any missed rounds nor did I want to rely on mana flasks).
But, I only needed that in extreme circumstances, so for 1.1.0 I didn’t take them.

For 1.1.0 I upped my blocking a bit (corrupted stone of laz), and increased my overmax resistances, and have significantly more regen (due to endurance charge regen passive).

I also crafted by build around achieving 80%+ Physical Damage reduction given my armor with Endurance Charges. However, for 1.2.0 I felt 80% was enough. Thus, feel free to tweak the spec a bit if you want 86% or 90%.

A high level Enfeeble is the best curse for bosses (it is -% accuracy rating, -% crit chance, -% crit multiplier, -% damage; I tweak my built based on what I need from lvl 16 enfeeble to level 22 enfeeble), thus gear + int passives necessary.

Unwavering stance (cannot be stunned) is great for not being ever interrupted -- which is key on nasty fights (like -max double crema).

Resolute Technique is nice for consistency in damage you can rely on as a tank.

Solo self-buffed stats in 1.2:

Life: 9081
Shield: 1250 (w/ discipline)
Block: 75%
Spell block: 66%
Physical damage reduction: 80% (w/ charges & determ; can be more if you tweak nodes)
Life regen: 445 (w/ charges; could be a lot more if needed with minor tweaks)
Fire resistance: 75%
Cold resistance: 80%
Lightning resistance: 75%
Chaos resistance: 64% (I could divine my gear up >70% if needed)
Dps: 18k (w/ blood rage using Heavy Strike, which is usually the best Boss killer gem). Goes up to >30k dps w/ good group auras. Sometimes I swap to Reave for general playing (need to recolor my head sockets when I do that), or Molten Strike (nice since it uses similar gems to Heavy Strike)

Can utilize 2 curses (at the cost of 4% block).
Cannot be stunned (can't evade)
100% chance to hit enemies (can't crit)
20% reduced extra damage taken from enemies on crit hits
Enemies can't leech life from you
Str: 520, Int: 177, Dex: 121, Mana: 869

For more DPS I swap shield and change auras (use discipline/hatred) and end with:
Dps: 25k (w/ blood rage and hatred). Goes up significantly in groups w/ good auras.

Before 1.1.0

Life: 9476
Shield: 1480 (w/ discipline)
Block: 72%
Spell block: 63%
Physical damage reduction: 90% (w/ endurance charges & determination)
Fire resistance: 77%
Cold resistance: 82%
Lightning resistance: 77%
Chaos resistance: 56% (I could divine my gear up >60% if needed)
AOE dps: 13k (w/ blood rage). Goes up to around 28k aoe dps w/ good group auras.

Cannot be stunned (can't evade)
100% chance to hit enemies (can't crit)
30% reduced extra damage taken from enemies on crit hits
Str: 500, Int: 157, Dex: 121, Mana: 918

For more DPS I swap shield and change auras (use discipline/hatred) and end with:
Physical damage reduction: 80% (w/ endurance charges)
AOE dps: 18k (w/ blood rage and hatred). Goes up to >30k in groups w/ good auras.
Other build variants (more dps, etc):

20k+ DPS Variant:


i.e. Lose 1 endurance node and 2 life nodes, take 3 IAS nodes clustered together.

Discipline/Determination ‘Tank’ stats:
9064 life/1480 ES/72 block/63 spell block/86% physical damage reduction/77 fire/82 cold/72 lightning/56 chaos/14.9k aoe dps (discipline/determination/blood rage/endurance charges)

Discipline/Hatred ‘DPS’ stats:
9064 life/1480 ES/72 block/63 spell block/76% physical damage reduction/77 fire/82 cold/72 lightning/56 chaos/20.6k aoe dps (discipline/hatred/blood rage/endurance charges)

Regen Variant (take life regen per end charge for +1.4% regen, optionally also take other +.4% regen nodes, lose whatever nodes you want). For AFKing I remove Blood Rage, then replace Blood Magic with lvl 20 CWDT and replace the lvl 20 Enduring Cry with Rejuv Totem.

10k+ Health Variant: give up whatever nodes you want, take 3 of the 4 remaining 8% life nodes, end up with 10094 life.

75/65 Block Variant: take the 2 shield block nodes NE of Elemental Adaptation, lose whatever.

Pros & Cons of build

Built for tanking bosses – when everyone else leaves, you charge in
No map mods bother you – not blood magic (don’t use auras), not reflect, nothing

Uses legacy gear
Decent tank DPS, but still crappy DPS relatively speaking

Bandit Rewards & Why

Normal: skill point or go for HP
I used to take the skill point because before 1.1.0 you would end up with 60 HP more @ level 100 due to how the build was designed and the remaining 8% nodes around you.
I still like the skill point now the way the build is designed, but you could opt to tweak it.

Cruel: 8% AS or skill point
I wanted some DPS and this is the biggest increase (more-so than the 18% physical damage buff) a single node can give (other than the 15% Berserking at the end of a chain). You could always opt for another skill point if you want if you want health flexibility (that's what I did in 1.2).

Merciless: +1 End Charge
I wanted the option to get to 7 endurance charges and close to 90% physical damage reduction, and given I’ll always take a few endurance charges this gives me the flexibility (if I chose to respect slightly to a different build variant) of acting like a skill point but still allowing me to get to 7.

So, what kinda of luck have you had finding/chancing/crafting in your 100 levels?

I found a (legacy) Soultaker, a couple BORs, and a couple Aegis's.

I 6-linked 2 items before 1.0 (and later sold them for mucho profit).

I chanced a (legacy) Soultaker, and a Shav's (and 2 troll Infernal Mantles).

I've found only about 10 ex in 100 levels. I found about 3 eternals. I found 0 mirrors, and never have even been in a party when a mirror was found. Currency in this game for me comes from selling/trading great rares or uniques (usually using the in game trading system if I could move it fast, or in the forums if I couldn't sell it fast or if it was worth 50+ ex). Finding and/or chancing a Shav’s (etc) is game-changing for your currency pool.

Your thoughts on Aegis, Evasion, etc?

Do I think Aegis is OP? Yes, but not for the majority of the playing population who don’t min/max optimize for it (thus it is an interesting debate if it is OP). I also think Legacy Kaom’s is OP, top-tier crafted rares are OP, and the ability to Mirror is OP. At this point, after years of balancing (going back to beta, etc), after going live, after introducing Legacies, it would be interesting for them to nerf Aegis, but not all-together surprising.

What about Arctic Armor? I think it is useful in a few key scenarios (like –max Crema), but 99.99% of the time you don’t need it.

What about Evasion? I think Evasion needs a slight buff. All the Evasion vids I’ve watched reminds me of someone playing Russian roulette. When someone says "tanky", I sometimes think of risk vs death, with tanky characters having less risk; also meaning the more map mods they can handle, the more bosses they can do, the more npcs they can ignore, the easier they can handle lag or desync, etc -- the tankier they become in my mind. How close and how frequently someone comes to dying speaks to ones tankyness. For example, when I'm watching a video and someones health is spiking low over and over I tend to think that it is just a matter of time before that rng will kill you (not always). That’s how I feel when I watch Evasion tanks (which, to me, is a form of tanking – avoiding damage). Still, some people enjoy it, and it’s great to see that tank variant. And, as I recently posted, it was useful for me at Uber Queen Atziri.

How much health do you feel an end-game boss tank needs? IMHO a tank in POE needs > 7000 hits. I'm going to assume max res and such. Less than that and there are bosses with mods that will drop you. I feel even more comfortable for nasty bosses at >9k. I can get to >10k, but settled mid 9s with all trade-offs considered.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed the information. There are lots of minor tweaks one can do to the build to optimize it around your own preferences... Feel free to ask me questions on how to optimize your build, your gear, how boss fights work, whatever. That being said, I’m not around as much as I used to be, so hopefully your questions don’t hit /dev/null ;)

IGN: Mortezzah, prolly playing on character Gellig
http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/781590, for an end-game boss tank guide.
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Great build, also vids are amazeing !! - for sure I will make similar but for sure some cheaper :D

Do u have any other idea to make it on domination without Kaom`s Heart since it have 500 hp on ladder?
Last edited by fkgrechu on February 2, 2014 6:04 PM
Normal Kaom's should still be okay (what is it -- about -1500 Life @ 100 relative to normal Legacy Kaom's leaving you at around 8000 still... I havn't test it). Of course, Domination is over in a few weeks, giving you some opportunity to trade for Legacy Kaoms...

IGN: Mortezzah, prolly playing on character Gellig
http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/781590, for an end-game boss tank guide.
time to PVP!!!!!!!
Very very nice build, its scary how much your skilltree is like mine (but i have more resist allocated and no dps nodes) but im not tanking half as much as you ;) Unlike you i am not using kaoms so i have way less life and thus regen, but it opens a world of more resist and skill possibilities in the form of a 6l saintly (with the ES doing double duty as a poor mans life pool) so i am able to run double andvarius with overcapped resist... tho chaos dmg eats me alive XD

If i ever get rich enough i might try some silly tank like this as your video's are very very impressive!! But kaoms + that super 1hander make it quite the pricy build!
bookmarked, thanks for info.
IGN: MrSwishAndFlick
I don't understand well how u can regen so fast your life?if u vent skillpoint on reg nodes..let me understand ...mmm
bookmarked, well-written post! +1 to best tank in POE!

How many maps did it take to go from 99 to 100???
you better make a special mention of me carrying you the last few miles.
IGN: Arlyis
Visit my shop: 265199
Check out my LA build: 723692
Awesome, detailed guide, thank you to the best tank out there :)

Love your vids!!

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