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My UI is blurry and has a low resolution.

Your graphics card is likely overriding the game’s Mipmap settings. Go into your graphics card driver options (found near the PC clock) and find settings related to performance speed or mipmap - Turning the texture quality or mipmap quality to high or removing the override will return the game to normal.

I just 'fixed' this and it looks like a whole new game. Simply amazing :D
because the game link is corrupted not download please arrange wanna see the game looks pretty cool!
got to the launch page it keeps on saying checking
for resources wont launch at all
got to the launch page it keeps on saying checking
for resources wont launch at all

Hey there,

Can you try running the game as Administrator and disabling any anti-virus software you may have running temporarily to see if this helps?
✮ Please contact if you need any help!
Where can I check the list of stuff I've purchased from micro-transaction store?
Meldraen wrote:
Where can I check the list of stuff I've purchased from micro-transaction store?

Send an email through to and we can assist you with this.
I get random disconnects eventhough my connection is fine. Always "unexpected disconnect" eventhough my connection at my second monitor shows it just works fine and i dont remember that my radio stream sound stuttered or stopped for a bit.
I dont think that a Radio stream use my whole bandwith out of my 100mbit glass fiber connection, since other games doesnt even have that problem like Starcraft 2, League of legends etc.

But PoE is different. Playing Onslaught/HC with those random dcs during Maps really, really sux hard.

Ofc there are days w/o dcs too, but lately it just happens too much now. And after hard work as paramedic or nurse i could say such random dcs would just ruin my day completely. So at the moment i am thinking to switch to other game like Terra my gf plays or waiting for Amnesia etc.

Those dcs are quite abnormal - not like i get a lag spike or something like that... during a fight suddenly i see start menu of PoE with the message "unexpected error". Lag time? nope, there wasnt any else i would have pressed already "F1" its just a habit of mine to see ping - Everything stands still ? nope everyone was moving and fighting- Game freezes ? nope - so what the heck is that ? And it often happens during a fight especially with summoners or sporkers or tons of effects. Of course not everytime i just see my fps dropping and thats it but now i often see "unexpected disconnect" instead of fps dropping or lagging.

Playing alone gives me no disconnects problems - but alone is quite boring. So in my opinion it only happens to play in group ... but dunno if one of those i mentioned above could be the reason for that "instant" disconnect.

And yeah i also played w/o Firewall and my Modem is directly connected to my computer. - i still get random dcs sometimes

sry for my bad english but i am from austria.

Well any idea what could be the reason for that "instant" disconnect?
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I just recently wanted to play this game, i have uninstalled it and re installed it twice now and cant get this error to keep from happening. please someone help. I've ran the PackCheck multiple times

"Downloaded file"Audio/Sound Effects/Ambient/1_3_16_Archives" has the wrong hash"
Got muted without any real reason today,
logged off, when I came back on I was muted.
khanman07 wrote:
i cant see my map. what should i do? i see my x as orange and the white x's but that is it. no map at all its frustrating. i have installed this many times and it is pissing me off. It is frustrating because i have to run aorund for hours looking for things and i am only level 12 because i cant see anything on my map.

Oh, I got exactly the same problem.



& I don't think there is any wrong with my UI option.


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