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i can't install the game, "disconnected from patching server before patching is complete, try again" where is the guide for this error?
Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue. Unfortunately, it's been a while since this thread has been updated.

I recommend posting your own thread if you can't find the solution to your issue here, as it is more likely to be seen by people who can help. Also if you email us at we can help you more directly.

If you're getting disconnected from the patching server, could you please try running the game as an administrator (right-click your shortcut and select "Run as Administrator"), as well as confirming that the PathOfExile.exe is on your exclusion list for both your Antivirus as well as your firewall? It may help to temporarily disable both of them to be sure.

Hopefully that helps, but if not please let us know.
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Too often infinite loading after launch game.
Hi!Please help!I was unfairly banned recently.Please,check acc [Removed by Support] Thanks!
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Basically my fps is fine as well as my ping. My game runned fine before. Now however it gets this like smooth, then slowed then smooth and slowed again. The FPS is fine but my character would run smoothly, then looks like he kinda slows down, and goes smooth again. its like this constant. Like every second it happens.

I have no idea what it is, but i cant resolve it. I've changed my graphics. Onlu thing that affects it is if i alt + tab. it runs smooth for a while then back to smooth, slow smooth slow, also when i alt+ enter it works smooth then moment later same thing

Its kinda hard to explain, but ty for help
Hi! Help pliz! Get disconected all the time when goes to portals between locations. Trying to launch game "as administrator", restart game and nothing halped. All that started when new patch updated. What should i do to play normal as it was?
yep its disconnected me 6 time in the 30 mins
Please help,
I register my account 27.10.2013. But it was demo.
So I though I must do a new registration now, so I made it.
but it was the largest error and I lost all my saved characters in my old Account
please help.. I need destroy my new account and please give me back old accound with my characters..

thanks a lot! :)

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