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sir what happen in your game??????? i can't patching path of exile ..........showing CHECKING RESOURCES ?????????????????? PLEASE DO SOMETHING >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GGG CRIS
Same problem... the client is not patching and it cant connect in the game cause it is not patched.

edit: it is repaired now
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I seem to have a problem. It is very often that when I log in the game wants me to have the unlock code because it is telling me that I haven't logged in from this country before. Actually I am logging in every time in the same place so I don't know but it is very annoying to exit the game, watch the unlock code and it mostly happens when I turn off my computer the previous day and log in in the next day.

Maybe there is a easy solution
While attempting to DL patch 1.1.1c the speed jumps around randomly a lot and it reverts to a smaller amount downloaded (11.73 MB to download constantly, it isnt progressing) and eventually will stop with an error reading 'Error: Unrecognized or bad HTTP Content or Transfer-Encoding while downloading Anyone having a similar problem?
only i have lags in game? me net is fine have new system and i want play in game and have every day huge desync like i hit mobs and in 1 sec lose half hp its not funny cuz have almose 10k hp and 15k armor
Be happy;)
When i try to log a character on act 2,any difficult,or teleport character to act 2,i get an error.Pls help me.
Game lag issues ( cyclone build ? )

Hey there.. I have a temlpar cyclone build. And i have had problems with this for some time now. i can have 1-3 sec where i stand still somewhere, or moving around trying to kill mobs and leech life from them.. Then all of the suddon i am standing somewhere else.. Or dead.
I had learnt to more or less live with it.. have cost me a couple of keyboards do to agression.=) But learnt that Leap slamming untill the lag is over saves me..
But yesterdays i put in Multistrike with my cyclone and the Shit really hit the fan.. he is spinning around like a drunken midget.. I can see mobs getting hit in the corner of my screan. items dropping in the next room. And sometimes i spin my self to death when i am in the middle of a pack.( cause i am acturlly not there, i can be in the next room )

I was up reading on the net how to fix this problem, or what to do.. My internet is good, my computer is good.. Just got it rebooted and only have windows and PoE on it.. SO none unneseray things running.. I have turned off firewall and antivirus i hopes this would work. But no.. Running the game with everything turned off. But still unberable to play

IS there anything i have missed, Or is the cyclone build just to haste a build to keep up

Frame time 17 +-
FPS 60 +-
latency 48 +-
I tried to get on tonight 8 pm Oz time, it patched (9.06 MB), then patched again (9.06 MB), ND AGAIN (9.06 MB) then when I tried to start the game, it came up with the following:

"cannot start patched client"

The server speed is very slow (45-60 kb/sec), so could this be the problem?
In my account where it says character i cant pick and choose who I want to be my character so when i try to use xyz it shows a character I dont play anymore,how do i change it to a relevant character

I was running a +20% chisel "Coward's Trial" map with a friend, when we reached the last room with the final boss my friend died; I made a portal in a corner (Using portal rune) and suddenly when he tried to enter both experienced a disconnect and went to the login screen. We went to the laboratory again and the portals were there, but we can't enter. Maybe the boss died because I used traps and I read that some people experienced that bug too.

Error: Failed to join instance because: Disconnected from server.
Error: Failed to join any instances.

Any info on this bug? Any option to get the map back?...

Have a nice weekend,


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