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Halkatla wrote:
My issue is that I get disconnected ALL the time. When it happens I get this message: An unexpected disconnection occured.

The disconnection happens at random interval so I read this:

"At random intervals
This is a problem with your connection to our servers. Try changing your Gateway between America, Europe and Singapore. If all three are still resulting in disconnects, you’ll likely have to check the state of your router and contact your ISP about your connection problems".

The thing is, there is nothing wrong with my router, I have been in contact with my ISP and there is nothing wrong with my connection. I can play other games online just fine. And my friend whom I was supposed to play with have the same exact problem, and we dont even have the same type of router or IPS. (I have a DSL line 10/1, and he has fiber (100/100).

The problem still occurs when changing gateway from Europe to America or Singapore.

What could the problem be?

I really would like to play the game, but when I get disconnected every minute or so it's not possible..

Exact same problem here. Everything else internet-related works fine on my PC, yet for the past five or six days, I keep getting random disconnects.
I have got a problem, I have downloaded the game and played it for some time. However I am not able to connect to the game anymore. I have tried everything announced in the forums, turned of my firewall and antivirus, changed the target. Any Ideas how to fix this problem?
Nevermind, solved now.

Hey GGG,

I can't log in to my for Path of Exile registered e-mail account no more, which I
need to access to unlock my account due to the "new location" safety check.

I allready changed my e-mail adress for this account but you need to confirm
the change with a link on my e-mail account I can't log in anymore.

Please help.

Thank you.
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I tried to download it both through steam and the website. When I went to launch it through steam it said that no connection could be made even though my internet is fine with any other online games. When I tried to launch it from the website I couldn't contact the patch service. WTF. Error OP, Valve please nerf.
Hey Guys,
I have a annoying probem and I can't find a fix.
If I start the PoE launcher to set my graphics in main menu I can't switch from my Intel HD 4000 Graphics to NVidia GForce 740.
Is there any fix to solve it?
P.s.: He uses Intel everytime!....
an error ocurred while applying security setting. users is not a valid user or group. this could be a problem with the package, or a problem connecting to a domain controller on the network. check you network connection and click retry, or cancel to end instal

help me pls :(
Crashed to login screen while fighting a vaal-area boss. Area was cloudbridge, there were 2 more people in party. I died while fighting the boss, then in about 5 seconds boss was killed and instantly i went to loginscreen, didn't even have time to press "resurrect".
And worst change is putting almost all bosses in new version of maps into fucking small areas, where you can't kite well or dodge stuff. What a terrible idiot invented that I want say to him: dude flick you, seriously flick you very much.
Lonsdalemax wrote:
help me pls :(

I got the same problem /:S

Edit; DL'd it again one day after, and now it works for some reason. Put on the compatibility-problem-fix thing by right click, but I have no idea if it had anythin to do with the installing working now.
GL to the others that it's gonna work too.
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Lonsdalemax wrote:
help me pls :(

Yep, same problem.

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