Open Beta Date Announced

I can wait 1 more month. :D Good news because I could study ... Heh.
oh well lets w8 and see xD
Europe-Poland :D
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I was looking forward to playing it this christmas, but well I waited this long, I can wait a bit longer. Besides, there is a date now.
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Unk89Pow wrote:
I can wait 1 more month. :D Good news because I could study ... Heh.

stop telling lies! ;-)
I'd love to be an Alpha tester, but I'm afraid I'll be too busy to do so effectively.

But yes! Finally we have a set date. I hope in the meantime, we get some more game polishing and active skills to really liven up PoE.
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I think it´s a good decision to have the whole team at start when OB hits.
Thanks for letting us know it now, i look forward to 23 of January ;)

Wish nice holidays to GGG!
Have a great time at your holidays GGG :)

You are doing a good job, just please continue ;) We will wait patiently
Congrats GGG!

I always enjoy my christmas holidays with new years celebration very much. It's like a reset, you can start fresh again.

So I totally understand and advocate your decision.
This is how you shall say to your players that they must wait one more month to play the game - explain every single detail of your decision, not like other game developers "You will wait 'till we say so ! Fuck you !". Amazing dev! Good job, and happy holidays :)
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