Open Beta Date Announced

Whoa, excellent news!
I agree. The delay is a prudent move and shows sense.
Great to hear, really looking forward to stomping D3 into the ground =)
Good to know exact date, i think i would be pleased to join alpha :P
Release when you're ready! Very little is more important than that—and never do a big release over Christmas! I work in software as well, and one thing you do not want to see is a support queue with thousands of open tickets in it when you come off of vacation. That's a backlog that will haunt all of quarter one.

Meanwhile, I won't feel as bad continuing to level my shadow, knowing he's got a little more life left in him. :)
Too bad I really wanted to see Act 3 before the world ends December 21st didn't you guys get the memo?
Exciting times :D
Oh when/if we get chosen for Alpha testing will we get a pm on the website or an email informing us that we can test?
woohoo! congrats on a long time coming! you guys should be extremly proud of all your hard work!
Things with "increased" and "decreased" in the tooltip are additive ... where as "More" or "Less" are multiplicative ...
Thx good to know and to have a deadline. And there is still the hope to get into the alpha and give feedback to act3 until january.

Enjoy your Holidays GGG :)
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