Open Beta Date Announced

his may be just me, but maybe you could offer the option of letting someone keep like one item they currently have? I know you want to whipe everything so we all start off on even footing, i guess im just a bit sad since i worked hard on my characters and i finally have some gear that im pretty sure ill never be lucky enough to find again lol
any plans for PvP events??
Great news, a little later than I expected :) It is on my best friends Birthday so a great present for him haha.
RIP Bolto
Amazing!! Thanks to GGG for all the hard work and the love that they put in this fantastic game every day :)
* Cheers from Argentina, the land of ping and packet loss *


GMT -3
Not disappointed at all.
This show the quality of this company and team.
I ll be waiting the release of the game.
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I expected Blizzard delay, so this is gr8!
Well part of me is disappointed of course, cause I am so excited for OB, but I am finally glad we have a set date we can prepare for.

GGG has done an amazing job and this is just the beginning of great things to come :)
I'm actually relieved OB is not until late January! I'll have a chance to keep leveling my Ranger, my first lv47 HC character, I want to at least get her to lv60 before OB! Man I'm so excited!!
You all deserve a vacation for this outstanding work. I been in closed beta for 8 months now 1 more means nothing:D

Cant wait
As keen as I am to jump in to Open Beta... this is a GREAT and INTELLIGENT decision by GGG.

There is no valid reasons to rush a "release" only to have little/no support for that crucial period. It can break a game.
Chris Wilson: "Today was the proudest day of my life."

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