Open Beta Date Announced

Yeah good news, enjoy your vacations :)
IGN: Berrren
Great to have a firm date and great decision to have the best possible release. Good to know how much time we have to test our builds for OB.
Man - i totaly knew it wasnt coming in December. Haha. Well at any rate, this is awsome news. AWSOOMMMEEEE NEWS!.

GGG - your simply bloody marvelous. Looking forward to the release, and until than i will enjoy gettin more powerful ...

Love it love it, just simply love it.

GGG - Why you no?
Awesome, can't wait :-)
Danskere: PM mig, hvis I har brug for en guild.
Your decision is most adequate and sensible!

Keep it up, this is a jewel of a game already. :- )
>> Allow Home and End keys to quickly travel through the Stash!!!
I'm a bit disappointed, as my exams start on that day, haha.
Well, bad luck for me I guess.
Great job GGG!
Happy Holidays GGG. Milk this break while you can, we will work you hard next year ;)

BTW my #1 issue: desync...
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Thanks for the date.

To Chris and the team ... have a great time off & stay safe during the holiday season.
In our quest to conquer the world ... allies are just future enemies that don't realise it yet MAWHAHA !!!
This is very good news! More polish is great.
The only thing is that I can't play with my friends in the meantime, but thats nothing.
See you guys the next hardcore race!

Happy holidays GGG, have a great time, you deserve it for putting so much time into this game.
Looking forward to act 3!!!

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