Open Beta Date Announced

Sweet! An open beta will not dissapoint! I've only recently discovered this game. Never received a beta-key for anything before, but thankfully the open beta will start soon! :)
Dikinu wrote:
just a forewarning, cus open Beta is coming, I and many other players are sitting innactive till the date FINALLY arives, you gonna have mega login problems at first, hope you are ready for us sleepers to rejoin!

Yeah... launch day is gonna be crazy! I hope GGG is ready for this!
Give me pls Beta key Thanks a lot.
Wow, I must say that I am truly excited about this game.
It has been a hard 6 year slog by the devs and the rest of the team at GGG.
After playing the game over the last few weeks, its apparent that the team really care about what they have created, it shows in their product.
Cheers to everyone involved with the game, I raise my flask of mead at you !!!

Looking at the timer on the home page it looks like the wipe/ob will hit around 3pm east (GMT-5) which would be about 10am on the 24th in NZ. Is that the correct time of day for the wipe and launch ? I am looking to see which days I need off of work =) if you could clarify what time of day it will open would be great. I don't care what timezone you use I know how to convert.
key plz
will get reset after the open beta?
fonseca00 wrote:
will get reset after the open beta?

No,this is the last one.
guys one question when this beta finish? or this will be open till the game start?
till the release
PM me if i win!

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