Open Beta Date Announced

Great! Can't wait for a chance to finally play this!
So excited about this. Diablo 3 didn't convince me enough so I seriously hope this will make a breakthrough! :)
Six years!
Waiting until 23rd
Thank you for your excellent work.Still waiting for the closed-beta invite and I am sure that PoE will be better than the D3)Because the game looks like oldschool rpg,but it gives a lot possibilities for character development.
Gotta love these devs!
when the game goes into open beta... can ThorGocklin be the one who leads the milita into the upcoming slue?
Czekam,czekam i czekam :)
One week vacation is approved by my boss, so i'm ready for open beta! :D
I can start playing on my Birthday then :)(23 January is my Birthday lol) so much for key every 5 minutes, i've waited months & months!!!!!!!!!. Won't be long and i can actually play this game

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