Open Beta Date Announced

Great news, game is worth of waiting.

Now waiting.
PoE is the next big game I'm waitin' for. Only 6 weeks to go! :)
Awesome news, keep up the good work, looking forward to open beta and still hopeful of a closed beta invite before open beta launches :)

Thank you so much.
Can't wait!
Dying in Hardcore Path of Exile is a sentence worse than simple death - Softcore.
I just read the post. I guess I will finally start playing PoE again.

I hope you changed the stash tab management situation. The pull-down system is kind of annoying.
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This sounds exciting. I never heard of the game but i read up on some sites and heard good things. I think i will be purchasing the closed beta access to start the experience early.

waiting for open beta now
Great! Can't wait for a chance to finally play this!

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