Open Beta Date Announced

damn, time is slow...:)
I can't wait any longer!
Great news, I've been waiting forever :D
Great. That's when the true loothunting begins
Kiwi is my dps
so this kinda got me excited, think I'll go ahead and support the development.

if the kiwi never is available again, that'd be neat.
NICEEEEE! I just had a few questions since I'm fairly new to this and I apologize if they already have been addressed. Basically me and my friends: 6-10 of us want to join the open beta and will we be able to just start right away or do we need to get beta keys? plz answer ASAP
I would have to agree that I find it odd that Act III would not be opened up in Closed Beta (so that we can try to "break" it / find oddities).

Also could we get clarification on just one thing? When you say "final character wipe," you do mean that it is the final character wipe for the CB testers, right? IE: There will be at least 1 more character wipe going from OB -> Live?
just a forewarning, cus open Beta is coming, I and many other players are sitting innactive till the date FINALLY arives, you gonna have mega login problems at first, hope you are ready for us sleepers to rejoin!

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