Open Beta Date Announced

thanks Chris, Jan sounds fine still plenty to learn before then. merry christmas
Gives me more time to learn more about the game before the OB players! :D
Well this gives me 5 full weeks of enjoyment of TEW 2013 so the delay isn't all bad.

Might also allow me to finally get a character to run MAPS with as I've never had a character past 45 and I really don't want to play that marauder.

I'm mostly stoked that the game releases US time. Wonder if that's a convenient time for US play or you just wanted to confuse us slightly as to EXACTLY when it opens........

Looking forward to filling up my stash tabs with items that matter...
Enjoy the holidays, after 6 years whats another 30 days? :P

Sounds very exciting, I have been looking forward to this for some time now.
TheJacob was here.
I'm sure the wait will be worth it. Until then, wait for beta key.
Gay, I wanted to play over XMAS break since it's the only time I have off.
Awesome. Gives me time to hoard some money to upgrade my supporter pack. :D
"In a state of physical balance and security, power, intellectual as well as physical, would be out of place."
- H. G. Wells, The Time Machine
The one month I had time to play the game T_T

I can see why though ...

excellent decision, ggg.

i'll be there, man.


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