Open Beta Date Announced

*Sees date is in January instead of December* T_T
*Sees the logic behind it* Take all the time off you need! <3

Congrats GGG! I hope the rest of the world is as excited as I am for this! Enjoy your much deserved time off and holiday!
23rd Jan
Oh man I still have another week of exams to go...
Jokes, its only maths. I mean how hard can maths get?
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yeah it makes a lot more sense to release it in January over December. Quite frankly I was wondering how you guys were gonna do it with holidays going on during that time.

Very excited for this, can't wait. <3
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I hope this will decrease spam in global chat. Disabled already but now and then I just want to check what's going on in there.
My birthday is jan 22nd!


Best 2012/2013 game!
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From 00:00 CET
From 12:00 to 15:00 CET

Rock on with the game development. I love how this game is getting constant changes and as long as that keeps occurring I am completely complacent with this game remaining in closed beta but also am extremely excited to see a definite date set for open beta.
I feel great knowing that in some way my playing this game before Open beta has perhaps helped not only you the Dev's with my feedback but also the many awesome players that make up this gaming community.

Merry celebrations to everyone!
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Nullus Anxietas:)
i was so hyped .... sad
Thx for the Beta-Key !!!!!!!! =)
I just don't see the necessity behind the wipe.. everything else is ok.
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