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This forum is for feedback on specific parts of the game that fall under the Art, Areas, and Effects categories.

For example:

- Animation
- Sounds
- Player characters/NPCs/Monsters

- Dungeon design
- Outdoors
- Rooms

- Visual effects
- Skill effects
- Environment effects

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*Make the thread title clearly describe the contents.
Level Designer/Dungeoneer

Always post a screenshot with /debug command entered into the chat window.

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Level Designer/Dungeoneer

Always post a screenshot with /debug command entered into the chat window.

First stop for Common Technical Problems
Dungeons need Glowing moss (to illuminate areas outside of the light radius only).

1. It's kind of realistic.

2. It would help you out a lot by seeing movement over the very small glowing mushrooms.

3. Not all over the place but rather scattered on the walls and floors of the dungeons lightly.
I love virtual brutality so save it for the Mobs...
Here's a suggestion about the monsters in the game. The music, the setting, etc. create a dark atmosphere that could be darker and spookier if some of the monsters look/act in a more creepy way. I've seen almost all of the creatures in Act1 and you guys probably have a lot more in the next acts but I would like to see some really scary creatures.

So for me there are two things to consider here:
1. Appearance. The creatures must look scary, for instance zombies are not scary but the raised spectres are definitely more creepy. Just an idea, some apparition or shade-like creatures would be nice.
2. Behavior. From the moment the creature appears, through the way it moves and attacks, to the way it dies. If I have to use the idea for the shade-like monsters, they could materialize from nothing at a certain distance from player, or get out of the walls or from some pools filled with dark liquid... they could attack with some creepy screams... when killed they could disappear in a cloud of black fog...

I would be definitely more scared fighting with a bunch of such ^^ creatures than fighting with an army of skeletons.
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More Animals in the world please, You can have snakes, or spiders or roe deer in forest area.

Dungeons, may have more sounds like if monster scream bigger area the sounds should be echo =)..

bubble in small waterholes would be cool.

Could have traps with arrows, or posion who hit you.

Here is real inspration if you need some World tips something to creat from =)

I am veteran i have follow Poe sense November 2010.
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Here's some things I noticed in the game and in my opinion need to change:

1: The life bar (monsters) must be solid, without transparency, it blends with the scenery.

2: The size of the socket (it's a good size but needs to improve the quality to see the colors better)

3: The size of the socket connections. (are very small)

4: Aura of rare and unique monsters sometimes go unnoticed.

5: Important! The forest area of the daylight comes to hurt the eyes, very green, very light and low contrast. (with minimum and maximum effects and resolution)

6: The background color of items can be equipped the same color as its rarity, for better identification.

7: Entry of the regions should have an effect instead of a dull white.
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In itself I find the diversity of the environment or mask effects have been very successful. But to me there is something missing in the spectacular magic effects. In my eyes live active elements of these games which perceives it. Especially in the magical effects could be perhaps the volume of work the magic itself, in part. Such as the witch. The nova, the spear, the spark looks visually amazing. But the diameter of the fireball could be greater during firing. In coop gameplay are the zombies quickly by teammates under the bullet, because they are not recognized as a servant. Freezing the pulse could still be a little wider. Raise specter might be a little sharper or have more contrast. more percolation. Otherwise very good. I feel that as a matter of feeling. and what I like most is that you have installed Element active environment. To falling leaves, fog, mist benches, swirls. I look into the dark forest I'm missing anatomy, organic matter. Just looks too clean. You should have the feeling to walk through a natural forest. all must feel more alive. Sound more active. a breeze, a lone eagle owl, a crow, something ....
I want to say that I like the idea of the shield. However, it would be better, if these effects on the character itself so you can watch and noticed the sign. Apart from the stats. Effect and effectively. Probably difficult to change set.
Is it possible to visualize the receptive mana?
There is that?!
+mana gained on enemy death...
Visual mana if I win it would be handy. One obtains feedback about what happens in the game.
The same goes for life energy absorbed.
In the heat of battle, sometimes not paying attention to his life-energy. It would make sense to get a signial when it goes into the dangerous condition. With the sound and visual signial could be painted effect.

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