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Should be fixed (new link in there) and here: https://pastebin.com/14kvT7Kh. Let me know if it's still broken. Thanks!
How do I get full phys conversion? in hideout I still have some physical damage showing up on the tooltip, is this normal?

EDIT: I forgot to get conversion gloves, makes sense now, I technically only have 80% phys conversion
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Hello, how i can improve my build. If someone take a look to my build and gives a tip much appreciated. Thank you.

cerealbawks wrote:
Should be fixed (new link in there) and here: https://pastebin.com/14kvT7Kh. Let me know if it's still broken. Thanks!

Error 404.
I've been trying to mess with it for a bit this morning and every time I export and then try to reimport I get a 403 or 404.

That said, the raw data at https://pastebin.com/7Vx1CRmW does seem to work when importing that way. Unsure what I'm doing wrong, things seem to be up to date and importing from others pastebins works.

If any of you don't mind going to the PB site and copying the raw data it should work and I'd appreciate the help. Unsure why it's being particularly finicky. Thanks!
your pastebin link is private, i think that's the problem
Today's craft

Need to divine it. Got real lucky with the Awakaner's orb and got T1 life + the life regen besides the two mods I kept with it.

Also bought a cheap bad rolled watcher's eye and got lucky in a few divinies.
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So I figured out a few things that I guess weren't obvious until I started playing around in POB. First off, my damage wasn't coming out correctly because I hadn't checked a few of the boxes in config (channeling/inspiration/chilled/shocked) and now i'm up to 9.7m which seems much more reasonable.

Additionally and I'm an idiot for not reading into this more, I've been overdoing it on physical damage converted to lightning. I'm guessing with how Storm Burst reads, you only need an additional 50% converted to lightning which means I can get that with just two of Stormchargers, a Watcher's Eye, and Phys converted to lightning on Sceptre/Gloves etc.

Also got the anomalous storm burst and replica pure talent to hit 2.4s on orbs, now need to rework a few things for more survivability.

I still can't get Pastebin to work properly, but I'll keep a watch on this thread for more ideas. Appreciate it everyone!
Just when I thought I'm done with this build - I managed to push it further.

According to this POB, I'm aiming at 34.6M dps @ lvl 96.

Few tricks that pushed me forward:
1) I managed to buy a double Wrath Watchers eye and divined it to perfection with 1 divine. Wow!

2) Since I dropped phys to lightning conversion on my wrath I had to get it elsewhere so I managed to craft myself a pair of those insane gloves. They rock!

3) I did Cortex and got myself a bottled faith that really pushes DPS up apparently. I wonder if i should divine it as well.
4) I've added Wither to my 6link with golems and skeletons under the assumption that they will apply stacks to bosses I'm fighting. It's not a big increase, maybe extra 5% tops. Will see whether I like it more than Meat Shield.

My next upgrades will be:
1) a better belt with t1 life, t1% life, flask crit
2) Boots with endurance on kill / elusive / duration / onslaught
3) Medium cluster with Precise Focus / Infusion
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Bottled faith dropped? Gz, haha.

Bought mine

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