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Physical dmg on the staff doesn't work for EK, but im 100% sure he uses the staff because it is 6linked and "+1 level of gems in this item"

it doesnt even have +1 level for gems
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What is the bonus from increasing level of EK?
Many players like me doesnt have access to high level gem like etup has. Is it very necessary to have high level gem?
firgoe wrote:
What is the bonus from increasing level of EK?
Many players like me doesnt have access to high level gem like etup has. Is it very necessary to have high level gem?


Please use this wiki!

The level of EK is almost the only source and scaling of damage. I mean by this that you only need to level the gem to get extremely high damage (and also link it properly ofcourse).

But you pay the price is the huge mana cost - 50 mana per use, by itself, without linking it to any supports. You've to 1,5 options: get Blood Magic OR if you got the balls go the mana route which much much harder... because of the mana cost ~150 mana per second/cast. Eldritch Battery Keystone is also an option.

For myself I will go HP/ES hybrid (no BM), but for leveling purpose I will go HP + EB mid game(until level 50-60), because otherwise it's not viable.
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Hey guys sorry been busy havent had time to check on thread but let me try and answer a few questions.

The staff i was using previously had rolled 42 spell dmg and 18 cast speed (great rolls) so i regaled it and received 118% phys. The phys doesn't do anything on a weapon as it is local phys increase. If you see a belt such a magnate though that says increased physical damage by x% then that will work to boost ek. This is why you help oak in cruel because of the +12% dmg.

Resolute Technique i was considering but tbh regular reflect is no issue when u get ur armor up even without leech/endurance charges. Double/Triple/Quad reflect maybe but even then idk. I'm not sure if I've even experienced a 2x or 3x reflect crit but i'm pretty sure if i had max endurance charges i'd be fine. I was considering speccing into it though as the thought of killing yourself on reflect does that sort of thing but idk 2 points for that 1% scenario that may or may not kill you. Still on the fence about it but atm leaning towards not using but it's def viable for less geared ppl if you feel the need.
Wow, so happy to see that you actually came to post a reply when i requested an update on the guide! Hopefully you'll post your current skill tree and gems too (: Thanks etup !
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Hi there guys,

I dont play this game very active anymore and I used to play at default, but I wanted to share my EK build with you (not sure if this is right place). It is combined with Aegis Aurora. EK needs both some Int and needs a lot of armor and Aegis Aurora scales with armor and energyshield, not to mention that you use a shield with EK anyway.
Building around Aegis Aurora means you will put 17 skillpoints to reach the 75% block, so you will have slightly less HP, but in trade for that, my build added about 1300 ES to my health pool and it are truely only 1hit KO that can kill this build.
From lvl 70+ I never had any near death experience and I play pretty reckless and solo, just alching each map without ever rerolling it.

Ok so without anymore delay, here is the build I used:

http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgEBxthYY1BQjM_2SF8_VEnnUu8Oud3yL9SPGS4n7ayqWfPAGmaeqZVwfVFgGjKQVaeEGjjsODrYTdiMdp48gW8EswJxogD60jbp42odFI9G0NDPZVXGpwgVUBRN2WFXDfuqoLSDOJ2AYG1MNSjF877SIZ7NpzAB5zbohylkoxpVBjlhIYTvXhPDhueRrK907XrvYEsFLUCg704otWCIYVKfyyFgdPEY20OcDq0ppVuv3Q3z3biTDH0Qf8aeFCBQR_zFZ6CHdkp9OrOeuXnA7tk= I went 40HP, 4%castspeed, skillpoint. If you dont run castspeed support, then the castspeed reward gives similar DPS as the 12% physical damage, but gives better kiteoptions and faster cursing.
The remaining skillpoints would go in the 7 open 8%HP nodes and in the body and soul circle. In hardcore, the 3 points used for 6% castspeed at templar area will probably be skipped, allthough with the 10 extra int Im able to get lvl 20 discipline

I truely believe this build is the tankiest EK build, if not one of the tankiest builds in general. If map mods arent to crazy I could allways just go afk without dieing, only non blockable damage can do something to me like those fire roll monsters. I could also go afk at merciless piety without even wondering if I would die or not.

some stats (im bit to lazy now to log in update to new patches and check exact stats:
-4,7k HP, 1300 ES, both will get much higher while lvling up from new passives, should be about 5.6k HP and 2k ES at lvl 97 or much higher with an ES chest.
-5.1k DPS (exluding tempest shield), should be ~6.5k with lvl 20 gems.
-75% block, 47% spellblock
-13k armor, would become much higher with 2nd body and soul circle and obviously went up alot using flask with armor bonus.

Some notes:
-with 75% block, also chaos attacks (which is 80% of chaosdamage in the game) is a lot less scary. For example, if I would go afk at the wharf boss without any special map mods, she would die from tempest shield, before I would die from her projectiles.
-Devs replied at the forums that it is currently bugged that reflected EK damage is not blocked by spellblock, after they fix this, this build will heal up from hitting monsters with reflect. http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/192516/highlight/

Equipment I used:
Lieleechgem is exchanged for quantity gem at maps with normal regeneration and without physical reflect.
Some items could also use some improvements, there are much better around, but again I was bit lazy and most my items are selffound and I had this huge pile of exalts in my stash just doing nothing, mostly waiting for a 100% Aurora. My gloves are kinda crap, but its hard to replace an item with chaos resist.
Yes I dont use granite. The reason for this is that I simply dont get hurt by normal attacks. It might be usefull vs some bosses, but since I only get hurt by them when unlucky with blocking, I wouldnt know when to use it and I felt more healing flasks was more usefull.
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How would you say the damage of your EK compares to some of the other popular builds doing end game maps?
Well basically the damage is pretty similar, both Etup's build as mine has no damage passives (ignoring +str passives), except for the optional 6% castspeed at templar area. But there are 2 things that might make my DPs somewhat lower:

There is a small difference in auras. The more popukar build uses 2 reduced mana reservation nodes and uses 3x 40% auras + hatred.
My build uses tempest shield+hatred+ 2x 40% auras. I never use the regeneraton aura, so I need to choose 2 auras from purity, determination and haste. Playing at default, my standard is to run determination+haste and purity+haste in maps with resistance mods, there is one map in my total map experience that had vulnerability+lower max resists+reflectphysical+reflect elemental. In that map I choosed to leave haste away and use purity+determination. If I owuld have played at hardcore I would choose this option much mroe often and not do that map :)

So I guess that you could conclude that this build, because of running tempest shield, will more often run without haste aura, and so miss out on some runspeed/castspeed.

2. Another notable thing about my build is that I option to not run faster casting support. having 5k HP+ 1.5k ES instead of 6.5k HP results in having lower HP regeneration. faster casting eats your HP faster from bloodmagic if you dont run lifeleech and I like to be able to run maps with half regeneration or chaos damage taken etc still without lifeleech support, that is why I opted not to use faster casting support. This might also lower my DPS some, since I believe faster casting adds mroe DPS as added fire damage does for example.

There are also 3 things that favor my DPS some compared to the general build.

1. Because I tank all the damage that I take with my ES that constantly refills again, I allmost never take HP damage from normal monsters. I can position me wherever I want and never have to dodge incoming projectiles, because they dont hurt me. This might make it more easy to pump out constant damage. For example in a map with "inhabited by undead", I totally dont care about the skeletons. I can run around the map killing the necromancers, with 100 skeleton mages following and hitting me, it does me nothing. Im even safe from the incoming charge attacks from those charge mobs, since even when they charge me for like 2k damage, in 0.1 second my ES is refilled again from all the weak incoming projectiles and so I would never die from 4 upfollowing crit charges, all passing my 75% block.

2. Dont udnerestimate the damage from tempestshield. It deals 290-430 damage on each block. Especially on maps with multiple projectiles mod, monsters kill themself very fast, hitting me, due to shockstack.

3. my amulet has 15% castspeed, while a rare amulet can only get up to 12% castspeed. When you look for a stone of lazwhar to make this build you only need 15% castspeed and high as possible intelligence. the 50 mana is pretty useless except making the amulet look hot :) I spend 8 blessed orbs to give it 30 int. (bought the amulet with 29 int for 2 chaos, they are cheap)

edit: holy crap, I just realised the post above me might have been towards Etup instead of towards my post above that. Im very sorry for posting my build in Etup's guide, especially towards Etup. I watched your stream once, and loved it. Keep up the good work.
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Sorry for the dumb question.

When you say if someone running with "EB" will increase your dps by 2-4k, what does "EB" stands for, which spell?

Also, i see your weapons have very low spell dmg %, does it has a special reason why you use it?

Thank you.
Will you be creating a leveling passive skill guide for the BM gem set up?
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