Constant disconnects when loading zones

can this gets fixed already.. i had just barrely gotten to the new content finaly.. but since yesterday i cant progress trought the beggining of act5 at all... and now my vacation is over and i wont play this game till next week... would of liked to play this all week-end with the new content at least
aight guys, for all that ppl that cannot play on DX9 because of lags you can try to delete folder ShaderCacheD3D11 - it decreases the amount of disconnects (you will still DC from time to time).
Sometimes this folder is recreating so I am checking the poe directory and deleting this folder as soon as it appears.
Same problem here I emailed GGG 5 hours ago and still no reply. I understand they are surely busy with the new expansion. Spent the whole time reading forum posts with similar problems and potential fixes to no avail.
Can confirm, it happens to me each time I go to any town.
I have this problem when I wanted to do my first lab run before heading to Malacai...

I got "logged out" after loading the map when I join lab from Sarn Encampment.
Got 2nd "logged out" again when I select first Lab and enter the starting map...
And 3rd "logged out" at the first Aspirant Trial...

I am so fed up... Google for solutions, and did the pagefile setting, restart my PC and proceed to Malacai from Belly of the Beat, and keep getting "Logged Out" again entering Level 2, and The Harvest...

Since the problem still not solve... I checked this forum and global chat, they said it is a top priority issue listed in the forum by GGG staffs.

Then, saw this thread talked about launch option and direct X... so I just disable Vsync settings in game, and continue to play with Direct X 11.

After I did that, I can finish my first Lab run, full clear, without DC... got 4 treasure keys...

But, after I reach Act 5, it happened again...

So please fix this up ASAP...
No issues first and most of second day of launch, now constant client disconnect on loading screens like the others in this thread. FeelsRealBadMan.
same here... it started from yesterday. i can't even get to my hideout. * always stuck at loading screen

More than 3500 views and 70 replies already :(..... plz ... fix it...
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I cannot enter on Ruined Square due endless "an unexpected disconnection occurred". Got this bug on other areas, but was only one or two times, now on this area i really cannot enter.
I didn't have much problems like that, but now, I'm trying to get inside the Rotting Core, tried like 4 times already, it's always disconnecting.
Keeps kicking me to the login screen before loading an instance near the end of the Labyrinth. :( Literally unable to complete it because of this issue.

Edit: Turned V-sync off, seems to have allow me to get through it. No idea if that will last though, according some people here. Hmmmmmmmm.
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