Constant disconnects when loading zones

I'm aware there's a post in the common bugs about this, but i can't lower my settings, and it's only started happening with the new 3.0 patch

I've been kicked to login repeatedly (every second or so zone change, often multiple in a row) for the past 6~ hours of play, constantly having to re-run zones because of it and it's almost unplayable.

Using Wireless Internet
Trace Route

DxDiag Report

Swapping to DX9, i have not been dc'd in about 6 hours of play, though a lot of graphical glitches appear but fix themselves eventually.
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I don't even get kicked, I just get stuck at loading screens :/
i get stuck as well in every single loading screen... still didnt make it out of a1 lol, who they didnt test this in beta? i mean how this did not come up in the beta?
Same here :/

I7-3930K + 24gb ram + Radeon 480 4gig, driver version 17.7.2.

Almost unplayable, now crashing my way though battlefront :(
Got the same problem, makes leveling a nightmare and lab impossible.
From what i've seen it tends to happen more when porting to a town.

Also tried to mess around with the settings and nothing helped, dynamic resolution on/off, various graphics setting, windowed/fullscreen.
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I also got kicked out to tittle screen when loading zones. Literally, 11 times today. I can't play like this..
I'm having the same issue... every other zone load it kicks to login screen. Been double, sometimes triple running the same zones, it's really frustrating...
same problem
they don't care all they want is money and they got it

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