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Old Players Association is an international community formed on February 1th, 2014, with the ideology of gather the old and experienced Path of Exile players into a guild that encourage camaraderie and fair play in a safe and mature environment. With this in sight, our ultimate and accomplished goal has been being part of an in-game family that matter most for the person behind the keyboard than for their pixels.

Our guild members come from every corner of the world, and many of them are veteran players who have been playing Path of Exile for months, so we share our knowledge of the game and make playing it a rich experience.

Old Players Association website
Old Players Association profile page
The Old Players Association is part of the Path of Exile Guild Alliance

Most of our guild members use to play on Standard leagues.

  • Family-friendly international guild with sociable players in a healthy environment.
  • Active and experienced player base.
  • 250 maximum members capability.
  • Experienced guild management and active leaders.
  • Support on Permanent, Challenge and Races Leagues; Masters Daily Missions and Maps runs.
  • Free level 8 Master crafting and Atziri services for guild members.
  • Guild events with prizes.
  • Officer of the Week recognition, voted by our guild members. This event has been suspended until a guild stash log feature gets implemented in the game.
  • Guild private forum (hosted by ProBoards) in which we share builds, guides and tips; schedule events, share screenshots, images and videos, and else.
  • A Challenge Completion board in our guild forum in which we post how many league challenges have our guild members.

Guild forum ranks and recognition according to the guild member contribution to the guild.
Well structured and organized Guild Stash with 65 tabs.
Currently, the Guild Stash is composed by 65 tabs. It uses the same structure in every league:



The guild stash system we use has proved to work very well for us. This system is explained in our Guild Stash Policy thread on the guild forum. New members to join the guild have to read it along with the Guild Rules right after joining.

The Guild Events tab is a special tab that will be viewable with prizes taken from the Prize Pool tabs when there is guild event in progress, while the Prize Pool tabs are a special tabs to donate and collect prizes for these guild events.

All of our guild members are always contributing to keep the guild stash fully stocked to help each other. If a guild member need a specific item from the guild stash, they will ask an Officer or Leader from the corresponding league. They will pick up the item and give it to the guild member by means of 1 on 1 trading or through the Pick up Tab. However, the Officers are not allowed to give more than 3 items at a time. (This applies for all the guild stash tabs except for the Prize Pool tabs, which are for guild events and only the Leaders are allowed to remove items from it.)

The guild stash is fully sustained by guild members. If one wishes to contribute to the guild stash, the guild member should place the items into the Donation Box tab (or the Prize Pool tabs in case of donating currency, or too valuable items). When placing items into the Donation Box an Officer or Leader will rearrange the donated items into the corresponding guild stash tab, sorting them by Required Level.

These are the requirements to join the guild, not the guild rules.

  • 17 years old as minimum.
  • Fluent English with no foul nasty language.
  • Family-friendly behavior; be courteous and respectful to other players.
  • Have a character in Merciless difficulty, level 70 as minimum.
  • Path of Exile account created 4 months ago as minimum.
  • Fair and righteous gameplay. No scamming or attempts to hack the game.
  • No account or character names that contain profanity or are offensive to others in any way.

'What kind of players are you looking for?'
We look for experienced players that want to be part of an in-game family and enjoy the social aspect of the game. Since we are community focused guild, we expect guild members to participate in the guild activities, considering an active guild member one that check the guild website regularly, keep the guild chat open and check the guild status. (We do not like lurkers, i.e. a member of an online community who observes, but does not participate.)
'What if I am a new player?'
If you still don not meet the gameplay requirements to join our guild, consider that we sometimes make an exception if we find that you are an experienced gamer, you are committed enough to be a long-term Path of Exile player and if we have a hunch you will contribute to our guild to make it a better community.

Our experienced and veteran players enjoy to help new players, so this may be your boost chance to be a genuine OPA!
'What is your concept of an inactive guild member?'
An inactive guild member is the one that is in the guild not because of the concept of belonging to an in-game community and participating in the social aspect of it, but because of the benefits that comes with being in the guild, the guild stash, for example.
'What do you do with those guild members and how do you track them?'
We track for those guild members based on the Last Login in the guild forum. A player that has been offline in the guild forum for over a month without prior notice in the Absences board will be kicked out of the guild.

Go to opa.boards.net (Old Players Association website).

1) Create an application thread as a guest.
2) Register with your Path of Exile account name.
3) Wait for your application thread and forum registration request to get approved.

Remember that your OPA forum username should be exactly the same as your Path of Exile account name (not any character name). If you have not registered with your Path of Exile account name or if you have not created an application thread, your registration request and application will be rejected.

Right after you get approved you will have access to the private boards of the guild forum, firstly being redirected to the guild rules in The Basics board, which should be read along with the guild stash policy.

Leave your message to the Old Players Association by creating a thread as a guest in the Inbox board of our guild forum:
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Guild members

LordSaren wrote:
One of the best guilds in Path of exile !

4c1dBu2ns wrote:
Been in a fair share of guilds during my path of exile but never in a one as active and as helpful as OPA didn't have a single situation where someone didn't try to help me out after my cry for help in guild chat...so all you exiles out there that are searching for some help and above all good company along your way don't hesitate to join us!

tim1500 wrote:
I just joined OPA recently, and so far i can say that it is an amazing guild! All the guildies/officers are really nice, and i feel like i belong here. I strongly recommend this guild! :)

vonpoppm wrote:
OPA is the 3rd guild I've joined in PoE, the other two died from lack of activity on the guild leaders (Shout out to the old members of Filthy Casual Peasants and Wraeclast Guided Tours). So I'm pretty picky about my guild at this point and let me tell you, the people here are welcoming and generally interessted in each others build. It's not a group of people who just happen to share a guild chest, not they are pretty awesome.

So really if your looking for a good group of people to join up with this is for you. If you are looking for an experience where you will be involved with others, come join us.

kabima wrote:
This guild is probably one of the best guild in the POE community, nevertheless if you are looking for Kind,friendly,experienced,generous and funny players You have come to the right place! Make sure to look at our website (forum) and you can apply and join the beautiful community that we are.Don't be afraid and come join us!

Decmanicus wrote:
This is easily the most helpful group of players I have met on PoE and whether you are a new player or old you can find a place in OPA. I've got great answers to all my dumb questions and never been made to feel like an idiot for asking them.

Very helpful and knowledgeable group of people across many time zones so you are not left alone. So what are you waiting for!?!

If you still haven't applied to the guild yet, you should! Everyone's friendly and experienced, and will help you to the best of their ability.

Come join the guild and meet new friends, we have players on 24/7 playing in all the different leagues.

It's good to have a home like OPA

ImScared25 wrote:
This guild is probably the best one I have been in honestly. Great community, Officers are great and the Leader listens to everyone and their suggestions. OPA is a great guild to have fun in and to just relax in. Huge guild stash, officers grab items from stash within a few minutes but mostly immediately when asked if they can grab something. Great with beginners as well. Many members in this guild are experienced or highly experienced so if help is ever needed just ask and someone will help you almost immediately. overall great guild and if you're reading this I really hope that you decide to join this guild because I promise you, you will not regret it!

Inksm3ar wrote:
I joined OPA about a month ago, since then I look forward to playing with the guild everyday. The people are kind and helpful, as well as funny. The guild stash is chocked full of little goodies that are great for leveling or perhaps even a few builds. I recommend this guild highly to all other guilds I have been in. I have been playing PoE since open beta and this guild is where its at. There are so many people it would be hard not to fit in. Someone is always online! Which is great since most guilds don't have near as many people and you can find that you are playing with yourself quite often or that everyone is simply doing other things. Not here. Always someone. I hope you choose OPA when you are looking for a guild to tryout, I would love to see you guys in game!


bluegray wrote:
1) <3 the OPA guild chat. There's always someone on because we have people from all servers.

2) A good mix of experienced and new players. There's always someone to help when you need a) Solaris WP, b) OMG TRIPLE GHOSTED BRUTUS, HALP.

JesseNL wrote:
Great guild! There are always at least ten people online to chat with and help eachother. Mapping, price-checks, that one gem you need or something you don't know? Someon from the guild will know. Also we have a guild stash with very helpfull items if you're creating a new character. Also the forum is nice where Samkiud (the best guild leader I have ever seen, in any game) regularly hosts guild events with in game prizes!

Hope seeing you as the next member of the guild!

sidraphael89 wrote:
Recently joined OPA and was overwhelmed with how active the chat is! Sooo good to have plenty of people to talk to all the time :)

Full of people from different parts of the world and so friendly.

There would be at least 1 or 2 people who would answer your question/attend to your need should you require help.

I for one will always be helping out if there is someone that needs help - whether it be TP by WP to Solaris or help with clearing horrible vulun + no regen + temp chains map. HOLLA!

So if you're thinking of applying... DONT THINK... JUST DO IT!

Free bump for an awesome guild!!!

Just joined few days back and they have so many experienced and friendly players. They help out each other a lot and there are always some players online, pretty active guild :)

I am so much happy with the guild, highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun, friendly, experienced and well organized guild :)

aStrayGami wrote:
Everybody is always having fun, laughing about the most random of things and doing their best to help anyone in need.

Sam and the officers do a great job of keeping everything organised. All the basic, but strict rules everyone is expected to uphold go a long way!

cipher_nemo wrote:
This guild is active even in the off season of challenge leagues. I was able to group, run maps, use VoIP, and more. But the best part was the helpful spirit of fellow guildies here.

Stlan wrote:
Awesome guild with plenty of awesome people! Friendly guildies and mature discussions (i.e. no teenager drama) is what the like the most in OPA. I'm proud to be part of that guild!

Blackiiee wrote:
I joined this guild back in April 2015 and I have to say, this guild is one of THE BEST guilds out there. Filled with nice people, it almost resembles a huge but close family. Love the guild, love the members. Join us if you want to be part of this family! :)

With kind regards,


DarrkPhoenix wrote:
Bump and shameless plug of the guild.

I've been in OPA for about a year and a half now, and it's a great guild. The guild is quite active (even right up to the end of leagues), and has many friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable people in it. So if you're looking for a good group of people to play with head over to the OPA forums (linked in the first post) and drop us an application.

cipher_nemo wrote:
Great guildies so far! Lots of activity even in the last month of a league. Color me impressed with how active our members are in-game. Officers always around to help with the non-FFA items from guild stash, and members who help each other with runs and carries. Just helped another through Cruel lab, and others have been helping me with random challenges ever since joining.
Others guild leaders

FusionReactor wrote:
TY for having us guild leaders on your board and Raidcall.

Talfus wrote:
Solid guild! All the best guys. :)

beefnuggy wrote:
Free bump from your friends at DPS!

ArawnDA wrote:
Great guild! Great people! I would definitely join OPA if I wasn't already a Guild Leader :-)

  • "Opa" means "grandpa" in German, Dutch and Afrikan.
  • "Opa" means "wow" in Portuguese.
  • All guild leaders are free to join our private forum and Discord server as Special Guests. PM me whomever is interested.
  • Old recruitment thread: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/960386.
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Profile !

Join today and be apart of one of the best guilds in POE !

▪ Added The OPA Guild Stash.
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▪ Guild Stash system explained in The OPA Guild Stash.

▪ Application procedure explained step by step in How to Join.
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▪ Added The OPA Structure.
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join today and be apart of one of the best guilds in Path of exile !
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▪ Added the following information in The OPA Guild Stash:

Guild Stash in Hardcore Leagues has no restrictions at all, so this only applies for Standard ones.
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We're now recruiting players for the new Challenge Leagues.
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How to Join has been simplified.
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