IGN.com: Zana, Master Cartographer Reveal and Developer Walkthrough

I think I've just found my favourite master and my new hideout ;)
"Fixing the endgame was hard - No matter how hard we buffed red maps, people would keep spamming Gorges.
So we turned Gorge into a red map"
Skynet is confirmed!
Ha, a Master of Maps - called it last week in guild chat :-D

Really nice, I'm sure she'll be popular :-)
This master sounds like a great addition.
Yeah, I think the main issue with her is that she's pretty much just mandatory, isn't she? Unless all you do is level alts, of course, but still. Very excited about her, it's going to be very hard to decide what other masters to keep on the hideout!
2ex per Map WTF this seems unreasonable even with that bonus.
Omg, the object placement possibilities are insane and beyond my imagination. This is beautiful and it hits my housing nerves in an arousing way.
Pew Pew first page
Questions @ you Chris:

1) Do you have fun, are you tired, is this hyping all cool with you ? :D really wanna know if this is all more hard work than fun or if the fun is strong enough to overshadow the work.

2) Why do Zana has russian accent?
yes I was using wrong grammar on purpose!
Evasion Lolipower
Essence Drain Trickster Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1635168
Good job GGG, good job...
There's so much already with the masters and the new tree, and we have yet to see the patch notes.

What is that ? Is that.... HYPE ?


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