IGN.com: Zana, Master Cartographer Reveal and Developer Walkthrough

Kamro wrote:
2ex per Map WTF this seems unreasonable even with that bonus.
rar mobs every **** pack!!!!!
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WowicX wrote:
Kamro wrote:
2ex per Map WTF this seems unreasonable even with that bonus.
rar mobs every f*** pack!!!!!

Oh god, if Ambush is an option there.....*faints*
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Hey Chris if it isnt too much for you can you please please answer to a few questions just to be clear. You were pretty clear in the part that it can craft your map device , not your maps.Does this mean that the special mod stays in the map device till you change it (assuming that we cant overlap mods) or does it stay only for a single map?

Can we find the previous league only uniques in these leagues?(Dear Jesus CHRISt please *__*)

Thanks for your time.
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Hell yes! I was hoping the last would be map related. It makes sense in the theme of the game I think, as you have to play for a bit before even unlocking the Scion class.

...I should shut up at this point and actually view the video tho :p Just too excited to wait before posting.
WTB undying blockage decoration for my hideout!

1 question: Can you add multiple benchmarks to items? It looks like you could actually create an item entirely from them.

I'm still worried about 2 things that happened last season;

Last season when the leagues started the queue allowed certain players to have an advantage over everyone else by starting before several were still in queue or downling the patch. I'm hoping you can avoid that mess by leaving time to allow players to idle in the game before the timer hits 0.

Having the official skill tree ready today (unlikely) or tomorrow at latest would ease a lot of our worries.

I am ready for this to start!
I wonder if Hillock-Senpai will notice me when I go to town??
Now, the question is, who's the Master's that'll do ok with Zana. It's Zana + 3, 4ever.

Those 2 or 8%, near vendor, near stash, near map device etc...

Zana 4 ever.
I find it odd they used IGN for one of these. They've barely payed attention to PoE, and the article itself is almost nothing.

Map master sounds interesting, hopefully the costs/benefits come out reasonable. Should be lots of room for additions as well.
interesting how bonus give onslaught, anarhy and domination options? exept league properties
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This master is badass and actually got me hyped about this expansion.

Can't wait! Was wondering if a map device would be possible in our hideouts, and now we have it!
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