IGN.com: Zana, Master Cartographer Reveal and Developer Walkthrough

Unlike other Masters, Zana is not encountered until you reach end-game Maps. When you find her in a Map, she's standing next to her own Map Device and gives you a mission to complete a sub-Map with a specific objective (examples of which are shown in the IGN Zana video). Once you've helped her once, she appears in the Eternal Laboratory for you to talk to.

As a vendor, she sells Maps of various types. She's a great vendor to check periodically for deals on Maps. Like other vendors, at high levels she can sell Unique maps.

Her hideout is themed around the Solaris Temple and due to her high level and relatively difficult reputation curve, it has some of the most impressive decorations to unlock (which can be used in other Hideouts, of course).

Her crafting object is your own personal Map Device. This device lets you run Maps from your hideout with your friends without having to travel to the Eternal Laboratory. Your own hideout is often more convenient because you can put your stash and master vendors nearby.

The Map Device that Zana provides allows you to either run a map with a free bonus to item quantity proportional to her level (from 2% to 8%), which is a strict advantage over using the Eternal Laboratory. You're also able to run a map with an amped up version of one of the previous challenge league mods on it. These vary in price but can be extremely powerful. For example, the version of Nemesis that we're testing currently has an additional rare monster (with Nemesis mod) in every pack. It should be noted that the personal Map Device opens the Map in your hideout with the additional mod, rather than crafting the mod into the Map for later use.

Helping Zana means a lot of additional access to Maps! Her missions involve sub-Maps, her Daily Missions are essentially a free Map and her vendor inventory is well stocked. The bonuses she provides for mappers stack on top of the existing properties of Maps and let you massively increase the risk and reward of Maps that you run.

Check out IGN's introduction video of Zana (and a developer walkthrough) here!
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