Finding Names for your Characters - List of Resources

Fantasy Name Generators and Lists
Schub's Fantasy Name Generator
Seventh Sanctum
name generator @
Afira's List of Names male & female
Fantasy Name Generator
The Forge
Links to several name generators
D20 Online Fantasy Name Generator
Elvish Name Generator
Elvish Names
Fantasy First Name Generator
Funny Mean Names Generator
Dragon's Mark
Fantasy Name Generator
Chaotic Shiny
Mithril & Mages (thanks, Raycheetah)
Fantasy Name Generator
Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Speculative Fiction Name Generators
Fantasy Random Name Generator
Really huge: Good Name Generator Keep scrolling... :-D
A collection of Name Generators (fantasy and real world based) at Ennead Games
"Namer" Name generator at pbegames (suggested by mthomas768)
Basic first name generator
600 Elf Names
A master list of 300 Fantasy Names – Characters, Towns & Villages
Another general Fantasy Name Generator for various races/species
Steampunk Name Generator (Delve League)
Victorian & Steampunk Name Generator (Delve League)
Steampunk Names: female & male (Delve League)
MTG style Horror Name Generator (Delirium League)
Creepypasta and Horror Story Name Generator (Delirium League)
Evil Name Generator (Delirium League)
Various Plant Name Generators Magical Plant Names, Plant and Tree Name Generator, Mutant Plant Names and “Scientific“ Flower Names (Harvest League)
A Plant, Herb & Flower Name Generator (Harvest League)
Another Fictitious Scientific Name Generator
(Harvest League)
Another Fantasy Name Generator
Path to Glory (Ultimatum League)
The Chaos Deth Spiky Name Generator of Chaos (Ultimatum League)
Warhammer 40k Chaos Names (Ultimatum League)
A collection of D&D-themed Generators
Three Fantasy-themed Generators
Demon Name Generator #1 (Scourge League)
Demon Name Generator #2 (Scourge League)
Demon Name Generator #3 (Scourge League)
Demon Name Generator #4 (Scourge League)
Demon Name Generator #5 – also has a bunch of other useful generators on the same page. (Scourge League)
Demon Name Generator #6 (Scourge League)
Demon Name Generator #7 (Scourge League)
Demon Name Generator #8 (Scourge League)
Demon Name Generator #9 (Scourge League)
Demon Name Generator #10 (Scourge League)
Vampire Name Generator #1 (suggested by Raycheetah)
Vampire Name Generator #2 (suggested by Raycheetah)
Vampire Name Generator #3 (suggested by Raycheetah)
A Elven Name Generator (suggested by al3xro)
A list of Orc Names (Archnemesis League)
A bunch of Orc Name Generators, based on different games (Archnemesis League)
A Realm Name Generator (Archnemesis League) – suggested by Raycheetah
Cleric Name Generator by The Story Shack (Sanctum League)
Cleric Name Generator & Guide by Codex Nomina (Sanctum League)
Random Cleric Names Generator (Sanctum League)
Titan Name Generator based on Greek names (with translation) (Crucible League)
Warhammer 40k Imperial Knights & Titans Name Generator (Crucible League)
625+ Catchy and Cool Titan Names (Crucible League)
List of WoW Titan Names (Crucible League)
WoW Titan Name Generator (Crucible League)
A collection of various namegenerators on - suggested by Gonzogambler
Ghost/Spirit Name Generator (Necropolis League)
Ghost Name Generator (Necropolis League)
Ghost Name Generator #2 (Necropolis League)
Ghost Name Generator #3 (Necropolis League)
Ghost Name Generator #4 (Necropolis League)
Spirit Name Generator & Guide (Necropolis League)
Horror Name Generator & Guide (Necropolis League)
449+ Ghost Names (Necropolis League)

Guilty? Here are some Criminal Name Generators :-D
Mafia Name Generator #1
Mafia Name Generator #2
What's your criminal name?
Villain Name Generator (Delirium League)
Villainous Names for Boys and Girls (Delirium League)
Villain Name Generator from (Heist League)
Villain Name Generator by (Heist League)
The villain name generators by the and are a bit of a 'hit or miss' but do have some funny/cool results. (Heist League)
Same for's Thief Name Generator. (Heist League)
And for some more inspiration: a List with the bios of ten famous thieves. (Heist League)
Super Villain Generator (Archnemesis League)
Generator for villainous first names (Archnemesis League)
Villain Name Generator (Archnemesis League)
Random Final Boss Generator – if you want to keep the random element but don't have a D66, here's an online D66 Dice Roller (Archnemesis League)

Resources for creating your own names from scratch
Creating realistic fantasy names
Creating Fantasy Names
Tips and Tricks for Creating Names
How to make Fantasy Names
Creating Names for Fantasy
The Art of Fantasy Names
Creating Fantasy Names

A nice offline tool is Lyreword. It requires some manual input but is very versatile and highly customizable.
The Everchanging Book of Names

Mythological Creatures
List of legendary creatures
Mythical Creatures List
the Phoenixian Book of Creatures
Aztec Mythological Gods and Creatures
Norse Mythology Names
List of Monsters and Fabulous Beasts
from Ancient and Medieval Cultures
Characters in Epic Poems
Encyclopedia Mythica Folklore and characters from all over the world.
Names from various Religions and Mythologies
Indian Mythology/Hindu Names
Mythical and Folklore Names
Names based on Indian Mythology
Another List of Mythological Creatures
Faerie and Fairy Names
Names of Gods and Goddesses
List of Mythological Objects
Greek Mythology Character Name Generator (Crucible League)
Dryad Names (Affliction League)
250 Dryad Names (Affliction League)
250 WoW Dryad Names (Affliction League)
Dryad Name Generator (Affliction League)

Literature, Cinema, TV & Music
Lovecraftian Names
Lovecraftian Name Generator
Lovecraftian Name Generator #2
Lovecraftian Name Generator #3
Lovecraftian Name Generator #4 (Ritual League)
Cthulhu Mythos Deities (Ritual League)
The Monster Wiki's List of Eldritch Abominations (Ritual League)
List of Middle Earth Characters
List of Star Wars Characters
Star Wars Darth name generator, suggested by 6_din_49
Lists of Doctor Who Characters
Star Trek Characters
Star Trek stars and stellar bodies
List of Disney Characters
List of Studio Ghibli Characters
Literary names for girls and boys
List of historical Opera Characters
A dictionary of Opera Characters
Broadway Musical, Play and Opera Character Descriptions
List of fictional Witches
Old English Poems (suggested by harddaysnight)
Scaldic Poetry - no translations of the actual poems but with a word list/dictionary.
Rapper Name Generator (Heist League) (suggested by wonefex434)

Real World Names
Behind the Name - also has a random name generator/picker
babynamesworld (suggested by reymond22)
Nordic Names
More Names by Country
African Names
Muslim Names (suggested by DirkAustin)
Polynesian/Hawaiian Names
Polynesian Names (Ancestor League)
65 Polynesian Names(Ancestor League)
Pacific Islander Names (Ancestor League)
Another List of Polynesian Names (Ancestor League)
105 Fascinating Maori Names (Ancestor League) (suggested by Raycheetah)
Hawaiian Name Generator(Ancestor League)
Hawaiian Name Generator #2 (Ancestor League)
Polynesian Name Generator (Ancestor League)
Native American Names (thanks to MoonYu for the suggestion)
Native American Names and Meanings
Even more Native American Names (contributed by harddaysnight, thank you)
Native American Encyclopedia (-"-)
The Surname Database (-"-)
Fantasy Style Names
The ultimate A-Z of Gothic Names
Short list of Magickal Names for Girls (Ritual League)
A collection of Generators/Pickers based on real world languages
150+ Water Names (Kalandra League)
270+ Water Names (Kalandra League)
400+ Water Names (Kalandra League)
Names that mean „Pious“ (Sanctum League)
400 Gaelic Baby Names (Affliction League)
Traditional Irish Names (Affliction League)
690+ Irish Names (with meanings) (Affliction League)
Irish Names (with a introduction to Irish names and naming conventions) (Affliction League)
List of Irish-language given names (Affliction League)
Irish Name Generator (Affliction League)
Irish Name Generator #2 (Affliction League)

Names from ancient cultures for Girls & Boys
List of Sumerian Kings - pretty much the oldest names we know of.
Ancient Roman Names
Roman Naming Conventions and List of Names
more Roman Names
Ancient Greek Names
Ancient Egyptian Names
more Egyptian Names
Glossary of ancient Egyptian terms and names
List of Roman Generals (Legion League)
Ancient Greek Generals (Legion League)
Ancient Macedonian Generals (Legion League)
Ancient Hellenistic Generals (Legion League)
Incan Names and Words
Mayan Names
Viking Names
Old Norse Names Also comes with an introduction to naming traditions.
A Selection of medieval Names
Medieval English Names
Medieval Names
Medieval Naming Guides article collection and Medieval Names Archive.
Medieval Names Lists and Articles by Country/Origin
Dictionary of Medieval Names from European sources (ca 500-1600)
A list of Medieval Names
Old English names (~1450-1650) with variants and lots of information.
"Colonial" names: male & female
The Peiraeus Public Library with
- Ancient Names
- Medieval Names (actually, names from all over the world from this period of time).
- Renaissance Names from an assortment of European countries.
Kate Monk's Onomastikon: Names from all over the world and various periods of time.
The SCA College of Arms Name Articles has not only lists of names but also resources on naming practices in various cultures.
Gold Rush Names Database (Alaska) (Delve League)
Various Indexes of Gold Miner's Names (Victoria, Australia) (Delve League)
Miner's Nicknames (Arizona) (Delve League)
Victorian Era Names (Delve League)
List of Religious Titles and Styles (Sanctum League)

Generators/Name Pickers:
Roman Names
Roman Names II
Greek Names
Greek God generator
Egyptian Names
Viking Names
A Viking Name Generator (Expedition League)
Another Viking Name Generator (also has a bunch of other generators for you to check out) (Expedition League)
A Viking Name Generator with explanations on how the names of the generator work. (Expedition League)
An Anglo-Saxon Name Generator (Expedition League)
Another Anglo-Saxon Name Generator (Expedition League)
Merovingian Names
Medieval Name Generators
Historical Scottish/Irish Gaelic Names

For the Templars:
List of Principal Crusaders
List of Knights Templar

and the Witches (more or less historical):
Famous Witches (mythical and historical)
Witch Names
The Witches Book of Names

List of Prophets and Prophecies (Prophecy League)

I'm a biologist, so I use Latin species/genera/family names a lot.
Census of Marine Life
The Plankton Net
List of NZ approved Fish Names (thanks, Dan_GGG)
Encyclopedia of Life
Lists of Animals on Wikipedia
Earth's Endangered Creatures
Global Invasive Species Database
The Plant List
Plants of the World online (Harvest League)
An Alphabetical List of Maori Names of Plants (Harvest League)
The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
Lists of Bacterial Names
List of Fungi (UK Species)
Fungi Species List (Blight League)
Lists of fungal species (Blight League)
List of insect families to get you started on your delve down to species names. (Metamorph League)
List of insects by location (Metamorph League)
Alphabetical list of New Zealand's Bugs and a taxonomic version (Metamorph League)
Insect identification in Te Reo Maori by pictures, leading to their Maori names. (Metamorph League)
A List of Arctic Snails (Expedition League) (thanks a lot for giving me the idea, crunkatog)

Poisonous & Venomous Species
List of poisonous funghi
Poisonous plants sorted by common name
Another list of Poisonous plants by common name
Toxic plants by scientific name
Top 30 deadly animals in Australia
List of poisonous animals
List of venomous animals

Lists of famous naturalists, sorted by nationality (Bestiary League)
Multilingual Glossary of Common Animal Names (Bestiary League)
Names of common animals in English, Hindi, Malay and Tamil (Bestiary League)
List of commonly used taxonomic affixes (Bestiary League)

List of dinosaur genera (Bestiary League)

Anatomy Glossary
very basic anatomy vocabulary
MIMS prescription drug database
Diseases & Conditions A-Z Index (Blight League)
Lists of Diseases (Blight League)
Alphabetical List of Virus Names (Blight League)
Some Afflictions to name your character after (suggested by Raycheetah) (Affliction League)

A long, long List of Chemical Compounds and their names
If you don't want to scroll through that, there's a Generator that will pick a compound for you.

Some astronomy/star names
small table of star names
star names
star list
List of Stars with the original Arabic Names
Constellation Names with lots of background information
The 88 modern constellations in different languages
Classical Albedo Features on Mars
List of geological features on Venus

Stones & Rocks
Famous Gemstones, especially Famous Diamonds

Volcanoes of the World
, listed alphabetically
List of Volcanoes by continent and country

Geographical Names from all countries.
Also great fun to just randomly browse and poke around

Yes, there is an Austrian town named "Fucking", they do have a bit of a problem with place-name sign theft and a company brews a beer called "Fucking Hell" (hell = pale in German) :-D

Robot Name Generator #1 (Sentinel League)
Robot Name Generator #2 (Sentinel League)
Robot Name Generator #3 (Sentinel League)
Robot Name Generator#4 (click on the [Get Ideas] button) (Sentinel League)
Robot Name Generator #5 (short names) (Sentinel League)
List of Robot Names (Sentinel League)
A Machine Name Generator (Sentinel League)

other science-ish fields
Alchemist Name Generator
List of Alchemists
List of Astrologers
List of Occultists

“Elemental“ Names
Female „fire“ names
Names that mean „fire“
Fire Goddesses
Fire Gods
Solar Deities

List of Thunder Gods
Names that mean „lightning“

Winter Names
more Winter Names
„Arctic“ Names
Inuit Names
Inuit Name Generator/Picker

Midgardsmal - Blog about the languages of Middle Earth
Warhammer Lexicanum German and English (thanks, guggelhupf) - the last part of an item's link can make cool names, too (thanks a lot for the suggestion, cyranorick)
The Compendium of Lost Words
Fighting & Combat
List of Biblical Names
Using for trying out words you like in other languages. Thanks a lot to Spoonmann for the suggestion.
Nook of Names "Home of Llewellyn's Complete Book of Names: For Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Heathens, Mages, Shamans & Independent Thinkers of All Sorts Who Are Curious About Names from Every Place and Every Time"
Book of Names @ The LunarBerry. Lists of names from various categories.
Gary Gygax's Extraordinary Book of Names - suggested by Raycheetah.
A Māori Dictionary
A dictionary of Victorian Slang
Lego Bionicle Characters - thanks a lot to sodium777.
The IKEA catalogue - thank you, YellowMage.
Car Models List
List of Car Models at Yahoo Answers - archived version.
MLG Name Generator suggested by Mucosolvan
Short introduction to names and naming patterns in different cultures
More about names in cultures around the world
The Historical Thesaurus of English. Not entirely straightforward sometimes but also great fun just to browse.
Random Noun Generator - thanks a lot, OresanFells
The Literature Network (suggested by harddaysnight)
U. S. Aircraft Popular Names Index 1939-45 (-"-)
Boat Names (-"-)
Lists of named passenger trains (-"-) „Wordoids are made-up words. They look nice and feel great. They are good for naming things.“ – and pretty funny sometimes. :-D
Fake Word Generator
Unique Word Generator
A Word Combiner that lets you enter up to four words to randomly generate new ones from them.
More Word Combiners: Naque's Word Mixer, a Name Combiner, another Name Combiner & a Word Combiner
A Name Combiner - suggested by Blount21
A (rather random) Spanish - English - Nahuatl word/phrase list (Incursion League)
An English - Nahuatl dictionary (Incursion League)
Lists of Mines (Delve League)
List of Mining Companies (Delve League)
Glossary of Mining Terms (Delve League)
A Coal Miner Nickname Generator (Delve League)
Database of Common Names for Plants (Harvest League)
List of common herbicides (Harvest League), suggested by crunkatog
Shaman Name Generator (Ritual League)
Questionaire-based Shaman Name Generator (Ritual League)
Roller Derby Names (suggested by Raycheetah)
More Roller Derby Names (-"-)
Wrestler Names (-"-)
Clown Names (-"-)

Introduction to Roman Numerals with handy converters - Nova Roma and Roman Numerals on Online Conversion

Special thanks to
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" ... to let them know the game isn’t going to be very fair from here on out."
- Qarl
My own imagination is all I need. Better get ready to play alongside my new name "XxL3wTg0d69xX_thUglYfe" come open beta! (The quotation marks are also part of the name)
How about update the outdated naming system.
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Or you could just use your own imagination instead of copying a name from somewhere?

Sure, but since a lot of people seem to have such a hard time finding names, I was just trying to be helpful :-D
I find the easiest way to find new names is just to look at historical events, like wars, discoveries or old gods. Wikipedia's good for that, but just any search engine **COUGH COUGH *google* COUGH** would be just as good.
The rare French-Canadian from outside Québec... Franco-Manitobain to be exact :p
I'm a biologist, so I use Latin species/family names a lot (actually, Alisma would be one of those). :-D
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