Finding Names for your Characters - List of Resources

Alysma wrote:
I'm a biologist, so I use Latin species/family names a lot (actually, Alisma would be one of those). :-D

^^^^ This guy/girl knows his/her shit! I do that as well!
The rare French-Canadian from outside Québec... Franco-Manitobain to be exact :p
It's funny how everyone keeps taking the name I use 'Crazy Horse'. I've been using this name for decades. There is one other name that no one uses ever and he's one of the most famous Comanche chiefs. I have that name reserved however :).

This is my naming preference that I prefer being part Native American myself.
drobnyy wrote:
Ty for this ;) !

No problem. :-)

Emperor_King wrote:
This guy/girl knows his/her shit! I do that as well!

*Highfive* :-D And btw: Girl. :-)
JohnLG wrote:
My own imagination is all I need. Better get ready to play alongside my new name "XxL3wTg0d69xX_thUglYfe" come open beta! (The quotation marks are also part of the name)

IGN: Skuggomann
Added more links to the original post.

@Skuggomann: ROFL :-D
Added more links. :-)
More stuff added. :-)
Diablo 1.
My little tribute to Diablo 1 aka why Diablo 3 is the worst part of the series.

ig: Witchfire_The_Unholy
Thank you for posting these links for us
You are most welcome. Also, added links for mythological creatures. :-)

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