Finding Names for your Characters - List of Resources

More stuff added to the lists. :-)
Two more links. :-)
Added a new category: History :-)
How about using something like to translate a word or words you like into another language?
:-D Actually, I've done this myself for a few names, thanks for reminding me :-).
My suggestion: Just put xx at the end (and front if needed) of a name you like, see if it's available.

Or add a prefix such as "Shadow", "Dark" or "Master".
Example "MasterSniperxx"
Nothing like making a unique name you didn't make.

Completed 14 ChallengesYngwieismygod wrote:
Nothing like making a unique name you didn't make.

I think it should be fairly obvious that "unique" here means "a name not already taken" ;-)
Anyway, more links added to the list. :-)
Added two links to the Mythology section :-)
The Lego Bionicle Characters have surprisingly cool names for a childrens game....


At the very least its a step up from fucking fluttershy



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