Path of Exile

1.1.3 Patch Notes

Fixed an issue where a momentary Grace Period buff was applied to users when using a teleporter.
That wasn't intentional? Back to instaripping to Blood Rain when I disconnect I guess.

Fixed issues with environmental effects in the Scepter of God that commonly occured when re-entering the area after a death.
Unless I read this right in which case never do Dominus again. I'm guessing this refers to portaling out from the roof turning off the rain and most of the fog effects so that crappier computers can actually do the fight?

Good luck and may the sync be with you.
Can you still use "of Animation" flasks while on full life?
"Added two new recipes to assist early game summoners."


;~; <3
"Increased the relative drop rates of rarer Vaal fragments."

What is the difference between the classical drop rates we typically hear about and these more relativistic drop rates.
A kid playing computer games can never be — and never has been — hardcore.
Chris wrote:

Reduced the damage, duration and radius of the zombie Poison Cloud on Death in all difficulties.

Thank you for this. Really glad you made this change, those clouds where super annoying as a non CI melee.

As always, great update Chris and GGG.
Chris wrote:

Fixed an animation problem with the Ranger that would occur when throwing traps while also holding a bow.

Oh man and I thought it was due to lag. Nice fix for poison arrow trappers. x3
Poison Arrow Tooltip Calculator and more @
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all i wanna know... is...

how much wood could a wood chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood
At least we don't have the new mtx from Garena server:

New Microtransaction - Passive Skill Reset
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Added a new Strength skill - Molten Strike: Attacks a target with physical and fire damage, causing balls of molten magma to launch forth from your weapon as you swing. These will explode, causing AoE attack damage to enemies where they land.

Will molten strike be usable with facebreakers?
Borow wrote:
At least we don't have the new mtx from Garena server:

New Microtransaction - Passive Skill Reset

I'd love that feature.

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