1.1.3 Patch Notes

When did you guys changed the Ranger's stance and animation when holding/using bows? It doesn't look good at all.
Hitomi_Sin wrote:
Nice patch, as always. But there is one thing that bugs me.

Chris wrote:
Reduced the damage, duration and radius of the zombie Poison Cloud on Death in all difficulties.

Those zombies were only dangerous to people completetely inattentive or those with -30% chaos resistence or less. They were the only slightly dangerous non-unique source of chaos damage. Why "nerf" them? 95% of non-uniques monsters are no threat at all, why nerf those few that force players to stay awake?

The real problem of the zombie poison cloud was its area of denial which can hurt some builds that fight in melee or don't have strong area of effect. I think it would be better if they simply reduce its radius and don't revive with this mod from the damn warlocks.
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I am getting mixed answers and obv. no one visits the skill feedback so I am going to ask in here.

Do the Molten Strike projectiles (AoE Explossions) have a chance to hit or are they spell-like (always hit, and only the melee attack has a chance to miss)
where can i see the new uniques?
Chris wrote:
Version 1.1.3:
Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with environmental effects in the Scepter of God that commonly occured when re-entering the area after a death.
  • [/li]

Not sure this is totally fixed. I'm running a Villa map now and after leaving and returning, there are large black squares on the ground (missing textures?).

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