1.1.3 Patch Notes

hyper_ch wrote:
Chris wrote:
Version 1.1.3:
[li]Added an option to constrain the mouse pointer to the window.[/li]

It would be great if you could add a second step to it: Add a key-combo that breaks the constraint.

Typical usage: Have big or multiple monitors, so being constraint to the window is fine. However if you want to check forums, do something else, you have to go through the Esc -> Options -> UI to deactivate it again (or exit the game).

To make it simpler between switching modes, it would be good to add a key-combo that would stop the constraint (at the moment).

E.g. you're playing POE and have the constraint activated. Now you want to check your email, press Shift-Esc (as example) and you are not constrained anymore to the PoE window... you go check your email and then when you click again in PoE, the constraint is reactivated automagically.

You can use Alt + Tab to cycle through your open windows

I play in windowed fullscreen mode. Does this help anyone?
Good job again !
Can anyone make a list with the gems that do not work with Molten Strike.
For now I've found only those 2:
- Faster Projectiles
- Concentrated effect
Really GGG?! i mean nerf that cloud of poison is so stupid move...

with almost 100life regen at cruel, with no chaos res, you basically kill those zombies and standing right there taking no damage at all...FIX ASAP

It was supposed not to stay at those clouds because you know that poison will kill you...now what? you don't care if you stay on top of their bodies? ...

D_Caesar wrote:
Reduced the damage, duration and radius of the zombie Poison Cloud on Death in all difficulties.

Very nice!
That killed me in less than 2 sec once (i was few levels under 70 in a 66 map) cause i didn't pay attetion to the mob's mods

You are supposed to paying attention...its not casual game...too bad for GGG...
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"Increased the relative drop rates of rarer Vaal fragments" was much needed. And that's nice you're improving the game for beginners and such, but when are you guys going to improve the End-Game?

Map drops suck. At least half the time I don't get a single map drop and most of the maps that do drop in a map are lower than the level I'm playing. 66 and 67 maps dropping in 74, 75+ maps? This is ridiculous. Maps should never drop at a lower level. Plus, I think each boss should have a guaranteed map drop.

Farming for End-Game maps has become the biggest grind in this game. Which also means leveling up characters above the mid 80s is also the biggest grind. The only point in playing maps is for the EXP, since you can get much better loot drops farming Dominus and Piety.

Having to pay 2-3 exalts or more for a high level map is really aggravating, especially considering you're highly unlikely to see that return on investment (unless you have extremely high MF).

I wish GGG would just remove the level of maps. Instead, it would be nice that when you place a map into the Map Device you could chose the level of the map. And why you're at it, why not add increased EXP to the quality of a map.

Or maybe GGG wants the End-Game to be an aggravating grind... ROS may have borrowed (or just plain ripped off) some of the best things from this game, but I have to say, their current End-Game is a whole lot more fun right now (not to mention WAY BETTER LOOT DROPS)...
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Quick feedback on the patch .
Convocation : Please dont do this ever again to a skill or feature of a skill .
We KNOW how this gem should work , we all seen it work with smoke mine . Its effect is crap now , meaning doesnt rly pull the minions close enough to you and sometimes even misses 1-2 of them and leaves them to rot wherever ...
At first i thought im just seeing some desync and the mobs are actually brought to me so i counted few times .
About the delay that prevents us from using it, considering the 2 sec healing effect( even if the amount was 1k its 2 effing seconds goddamnit )... Yeah ...
So in short , read my second sentense again .

pretty pissed(again)summoner

Have not had the problem myself. It teleports my minions right on top of (or slightly around) me and it gets all of them every time.
And then Boem said, "You're a goat eating a toilet, so you are absolved of any and all errors."
Does convocation work on corrupt skeletons, because those jugheads go everywhere and not stay with you.
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LadyH wrote:
Does convocation work on corrupt skeletons, because those jugheads go everywhere and not stay with you.

Just tried it with zombies, spectres, skeletons, vaal skeletons and raging spirits out (also got the "Behold my Army" achievement in the proicess! :) )
The only minions that teleported to me were zombies and spectres. So, no.
And then Boem said, "You're a goat eating a toilet, so you are absolved of any and all errors."
what about rest skill points all the way is something i would like
This patch has made the game SUPER jerky, it's almost like stop-motion animation :(

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