Rebalancing Corrupted Area and Invasion Bosses (Locked May 16)

9.2k life, 92% fire res
I was almost dead by sunblast with incinerate nova within 1-2sec.
92% reduction? lol
just 8% fire damage would kill me even i'm 9.2k life and 500 life regen.
How good balance it is!
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CycloneJack wrote:
Chris wrote:

Corrupted areas are going to receive their own map mod balance (as opposed to using the same ones that our end-game map system currently uses). They're generally the same mods with decreased values. Some of the heavily-build-restrictive ones (like Blood Magic) are gone.

While I'm happy to see a balance pas son this, I'd rather have seen the ability to use Orbs on the Corrupted Areas, similar to how we can use them on the Strongboxes.

That would be nice as well.... I could have rerolled the bologna "players have no life or mana regen" affix.
Chris, I strongly suggest that you balance invasion bosses so that with 5k hp and 75% res, you will never die to a Invasion boss in less than 2 seconds from off-screen at a lv78 map.

5k hp and 75% res should be the stats around which you balance your content at lv78 maps.

(These numbers are reasonable for lv90 characters that have roughly 230%ish increased life and have 2nd highest tier of life on almost all their gear)

(As you may know, getting over 75% resist is hard for many builds)

Edit: Also, if you feel like people will simply build far tankier than "5k hp and 75% res" if you were to balance lv78 content around those stats, just increase the hp of lv78 monsters then to punish "too safe builds".

For instance, if one skill point can be used to either get 2% more life or 3% more dmg: as long as the mob hp is low, the 2% more life option becomes more attractive, but if the monster hp is higher then the 3% more dmg becomes more attractive.
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great news!
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Biggest problem aint fixed yet, Bosses 1shot is the biggest flaw of the game. You just have to take a look at Atziri fight videos, KITE KITE KITE KITE KITE KITE
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CorranHorn wrote:
My level 80, 84 all res resist with max block and spell block DIES to a level 51 Corrupted area boss with no pertinent mods on. Freeze, freeze, crit, crit, dead. Wildly, wildly, unbalanced. That, and ANYTHING that perma spawns things...lag dead.

Yes, I really don't get this. Stack defense upon defense upon defense and still get one-shot. Also, 84% all resist is not all that easy to obtain. Or it wasn't. GGG keeps waffling on what max player resist should be. Had a passive a passive which granted +4 max. Purity which granted +4 max. Nerf the passive to +2 max. Nerfed Purity to +2 max, and then nerfed Purity to no +max. All just to be undone by adding more passives which if all taken gives +4 max; Purity of fire/ice/lighting all of which give +4 max on their own, +6 when combined with +skill items and gems, and even +more when combined with passives that boost auras; items which give +4 max to all; items which give +8 max to fire.

I mean really? If it was OP to have +4 max from a passive and +4 from Purity, why was all this +max stuff added after these things were nerfed? What's more, why is anyone with 84 all resist or higher being one-shotted by elemental damage? Why is max cap allowed so high in the first place? How are those with plain old capped resists or those with a lowly 77 to 79 resist all supposed to take part in end-game?

With the current state of affairs, to partake in end-game one needs to run arctic armor, take MoM, have 80+ all resist, have spell block, and have high armor or evasion to do anything... and even then, you are going to get one-shotted. This is why none of my characters reach level 80. All the time and effort spent leveling and gearing to feel powerful, ends when you hit Act 3 X Merciless/maps. At this point, the only way to continue feeling powerful is to quit playing the game and play wall-street-online. You are certainly not going to gain the power to continue any other way, which for what is supposed to be an ARPG, sucks.

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Damn no...don't nerf more Chris... :(

The only thing those invasion bosses and corrupted zones need, are called - REWARDS -
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Hilbert wrote:
The item rewards from these bosses have been rebalanced to be more consistent and fair. None were decreased.

Insignificant rates.
I killed all invaders before and most after patches.
20 Minutes outranging metalsmith for white/blue junk no thx....

The damage of the more dangerous ones has been decreased.

One shot is still oneshot.

Balancing around 90% and change the damage to balance it around 85% is still poor balancing.

Build a better character?
Sexcalibure wrote:
Biggest problem aint fixed yet, Bosses 1shot is the biggest flaw of the game. You just have to take a look at Atziri fight videos, KITE KITE KITE KITE KITE KITE
Kiting isn't a problem. Players should be kiting against big threats.

When kiting doesn't work and you get killed anyway, that's when there might be a problem.
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Do people really have that hard of a time with invasion bosses?

I've been solo mapping to 86 so far and the only invasion boss I ever skip is the bird one cause i cant outdps his liferegen. I mean most of them are fairly trivial with the proper res flask + warding + knowing what they do (and not running -max cause if you get 1-shot there you can't really complain imo).
I'm eva/acro 2h st. I mean I guess some bosses would be noticeably harder as melee but I don't think that's what most people are complaining about.

I've only done up to 73s on this char but I can't imagine they hit thaat much harder in 78s.

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