Rebalancing Corrupted Area and Invasion Bosses (Locked May 16)

Id like to be able to use currency on corrupted areas.
Astarte911 wrote:
mazul wrote:
Chris, I strongly suggest that you balance invasion bosses so that with 5k hp and 75% res, you will never die to a Invasion boss in less than 2 seconds from off-screen at a lv78 map.

5k hp and 75% res should be the stats around which you balance your content at lv78 maps.

(These numbers are reasonable for lv90 characters that have roughly 230%ish increased life and have 2nd highest tier of life on almost all their gear)

(As you may know, getting over 75% resist is hard for many builds)

Edit: Also, if you feel like people will simply build far tankier than "5k hp and 75% res" if you were to balance lv78 content around those stats, just increase the hp of lv78 monsters then to punish "too safe builds".

For instance, if one skill point can be used to either get 2% more life or 3% more dmg: as long as the mob hp is low, the 2% more life option becomes more attractive, but if the monster hp is higher then the 3% more dmg becomes more attractive.

Nah, just nahh. Highest content facetanking with 75% and 5k HP ? You can't be serious with this.

I died once in invasion on my first char at the start of the legaue and honestly, it was my own dumb fault. Meanwhile i have two chars (lv84 and lv83), one char is even a CI char with only 6.2k ES (4Link 4k RoA dps) and im just laughing about the bosses. Apperatus ? Overcap res, Big white Spider ? Flame totem + blind.
The only boss i _really_ fear is the black flicker/ek (cant kite) spider and the vaal fallen with the zombies (man, these zombies hitting like jumbojets and have the speed of light..)

If you gonna make them again easier, please do reduce the drop's (like some1 stated here before)

Facetanking can be punished through vaal-like attacks: i.e. skill that both cannot off-screen kill you, that give you a sufficient warning snd do massive damage if they land.

As for your 4k RoA dps: that is precisely an issue that can be solved by letting mobs have higher hp so that if you build far tankier than "5k hp, 75% res" your clear speed will be sooooo slow.

I.e. safer play than the "5k life, 75% res" norm should be punished by having significantly lower clear speed.
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I didn't think they were that hard....
(100s of alt+F4s later)

I guess now I have no excuse to be a chicken.
Atmoz wrote:
Will you add corrupted zones to maps? I don't really want to farm level 60 zones with a lvl 82.
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I feel that's more like a general character progression balancing issue.

Assuming you're poor :) and start with an empty stash, you'd be farming zones below your level all the time due to lack of progression.

This is probably related to the effort/reward discussion
Kalidor wrote:
Damn no...don't nerf more Chris... :(

The only thing those invasion bosses and corrupted zones need, are called - REWARDS -

+ 1

The invaders SHOULD be dangerous and challenging, but they should have rewards linked to them compared to the strongboxes in Ambush! Like being able to drop 2-3 maps or something
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I think these bosses should be a lot more rewarding , but since they appears on each map , i think it would be easy to farm them with high level char .

The solution would be that the drop rate is calculated depending of lvl of the higher char who have join the area at any moment (even if he leave before the boss kill to prevent from boosting ) .

Something like , same lvl of the area or below = exile drop rate , and decreased drop rate for each lvl above the area lvl .

No need to reduce their survivability at all, they should feel like bosses and fights should be as long as they're now. All you gotta do is reduce SPIKE damage, you have statistics, leave other areas untouched, loot buff excluded :D

Previously inga exile was tough and fight was long and dangerous, what is it now? I shot one single puncture at her and she was dead in 2 seconds. Don't do it again! I repeat, they are perfectly balanced, SPIKE damage excluded, deal with that and invasion is golden :)

Ps. Self-feeding soul eater is just a stupid mechanic
Pps. And so is infinitely dividing shroudwalker, how about a cap?
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Just want to report I've just been slain @ lvl53 in Docks Cruel by Coniraya, Shadow of Malice

Nearly one shotted by his rain of arrows and his puncture and shocked ground did the rest.

I didn't even notice this sneaky bastard.

Now I've had it with invasion, time to try out how character progression works out in Ambush.
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