Rebalancing Corrupted Area and Invasion Bosses (Locked May 16)

Oooofff, good. If I have to carefully pick which areas to go for with a level 83 Mara with 19k dps (and only reliably survive about 4 of them) something's a bit out of whack.
Startkabels wrote:
Just want to report I've just been slain @ lvl53 in Docks Cruel by Coniraya, Shadow of Malice

Nearly one shotted by his rain of arrows and his puncture and shocked ground did the rest.

Now I've had it with invasion, time to try out how character progression works out in Ambush.

Yeah, I just died to some Invader bull shit in a Wharf map. There isn't much room for preparation when they come from the bottom of your screen.

My buddy died last night to some Carnage desync in the Colonnade. I've had this happen to me before, too.

I gotta say...I think I'm done with Invasion. Nemesis was really fun because it introduced new mods to the enemies. Invasion is a nice concept, but I feel the Invaders are either pushovers or insta-skips. It's no fun skipping content.

Anyone else feel like Ambush should have been the HC league, and Invasion the SC league?
My take on invasion bosses that need urgent rebalance, in terms of (i) Reducing their overall damage; (ii) Add cooldowns to their skills; (iii) No self "soul-eating"; (iv) Reduce the amount of their summons; or (v) Simply consider elimmating them overall:

1. Perquil the lucky (why did you introduce this invader in the first place? there was already a storm call invader!)
2. Apparatus
3. Kamaq
4. Sunburst queen and bladeback (fire nova shouldn't insta-rip 92%fire res builds)
5. Coniraya (RoA - phantom archer). Way, way overtuned.
6. Both totem bosses.
7. Metalsmith (eliminate this invader. It really adds nothing to the game but off-screen one-shots that enrage players).
8. Rima
9. Ch'aska. She shouldn't be able to spam his RoA of spikes like she does. Add a cooldown or something.
10. Inti. Reduce his summons and, obviously, he shouldn't be able to "soul-eat" himself.
11. Sheaq goatman shaman. There's already 2x goatman invaders already (Guardian of the mound and Konu windmaker). Remove this one.
12. Thornrunner. Annoying fight. Proximity shield is good but his "RoA of thorns" is quite overtuned.
13. Alpha paridase. No self "soul-eating" please!
14. Cintiq. Basically just tone town its overall phys damage.

All others are fairly well balanced after last patches.

Now. please don't reduce their hp pool. Fighting them should indeed feel like a Boss fight, not like a random rare monster. This is invasion's only appeal. Don't ruin it.

Imporving their loot pool is great, but what's most important: Please consider giving them a high chance to drop +level maps (or guarantee it). Fighting an invader boss in a level 75 map should have a higher chance of dropping a lvl 76-77 map than white mobs. This should also be a great incentive to engage them in high level maps and bear the risk. This should be an overall great addition to the game.

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I'm glad GGG is still listening (they always have, they just are slower to change these days). I've still no desire to enter a hardcore league focusing on killing everyone off - hardcore is not a difficulty level like you see in a single player game -- it's a perma death mode where 'death' is the only deterrent you need.

However I will be back the next 4 month league, and hopefully the fun + multiple successful builds will be back with it like we saw in Nemesis, and GGG will have learned from their mistakes with Invasion and get the good times rolling once again...
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Chris wrote:
Content update 1.1.3 includes a rebalance of bosses in Corrupted Areas and the Invasion league.

Overwhelmingly, feedback on Invasion (and Corrupted Area) bosses is that they're unfairly hard.

This rebalance is still ongoing and being tested internally,

GJ guys, we all hope that you will manage to balance Invasion in the next 2 months so we could play BALANCED Invasion for 1 week before it ends. No hurry though, take your time.

Also i wouldnt use word "hard" for bosses, there is nothing hard with oneshotts, word you wanna use is stupid.
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Got 2 shot-ed on my high Block- high EV - 40% dodge - ondar's guile character by a worm boss with far shot in those corrupted ares, and I was about 4 level higher than the instance... cried all day =(
And the next day my summoner witch died to a firestorm spaming idiot boss that wiped out all my zombies, skeletons and *ghost, along side with me (act 2 normal) =(
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Sith90Lord wrote:
Got 2 shot-ed on my high Block- high EV - 40% dodge - ondar's guile character by a worm boss with far shot in those corrupted ares, and I was about 4 level higher than the instance... cried all day =(
And the next day my summoner witch died to a firestorm spaming idiot boss that wiped out all my zombies, skeletons and *ghost, along side with me (act 2 normal) =(

dont worry m8, in about 2 months Invasion will be playable, until then find something else to do
Right now after some recent patches there is no oneshot invasion boss in POE. I just made new character and facerolled all normal/cruel invasions and corruption areas(including advocaata, chaska, invasion devourer). Merciless is harder but Im playing maps 70 and theres absolutely no problem with invasion bosses with normal affix.

If you plan to nerf again I will consider to move to another game. I play POE because of the challenge. If my only challenge will be 4-5 maps and dominus then theres nothinh to interest me in POE. I dont know why some people want to nerf invasion again. Whats so good in running 24h piety or facerolling all maps. Why u dont want this game to be challenging in all locations? Right now normal/cruel gives the adrenaline too because of the invasion. Without invasion is just wasting time. The only threat is reflect if u play flameblast character. NOTHING ELSE. U can play blindly with one hand just to dominus location.

Lets not make this game CASUAL. There are tons of people who started LOVE POE again because of the challenge that INVASION gives to this game. It makes game more exciting even in cost of the RIP sometimes.

I would focus on crafting imo. Crafting is little bit annoying. I spend almost 400 fusing on body armor and I had 0 luck to get 5-link. I could just buy for a currency 5-linked armor.

Anyway if u remove challenge from this game because someone is noob and cant play properly then my adventure with POE will end.
I have hope for the changes to the corrupted area bosses. Maybe now, some of them wont be an automatic: nope, not going to bother losing the XP for crap, and more sacrifice fragments.

The loot sucks, the vessels suck, the bosses are a slog.

Good idea, awful implementation. Which is really how I've felt about.... everything in 1.1. Good ideas, somewhere between awful to terrible implementation.

The current mods on corrupted areas do not do enough to significantly increase drop rates. 35%? 40%? 50%? surely, you're joking.

Why would I want to fight the cycloning, bleeding trail monster of doom, to have him desync on me, kill me, and then when I get him dead, I get a couple of blues, and a yellow, all of which roll garbage. YAY! MORE CRAP TO GIVE TO THE VENDORS! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While you're at it, if you could take a look at some of the combos on the strongboxes, and figure out why they are creating burst lag, that'd be awesome. Seriously. Awesome. THe AoE Effects + Stream of Monsters or Rogue Exiles or Multi Rare Monsters that come in with Auras create burst lag effects. It's never the same effects that create it, but it does happen. And it's frustrating to face.
3 monsters for me where completely unchallengeable

Bladeback Guardian Porcupine Goliath - ice spear from far + Incinerate Nova ( or 2 seconds kill if you dare to aproach one )

Cintiq the Inescapable (Black Spider)

Unknown monster who just put 6 storm call markers on the spot i was and i was dead before i could even leave the area. I don`t know who it was because it happened offscreen.

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