Rebalancing Corrupted Area and Invasion Bosses (Locked May 16)

Content update 1.1.3 includes a rebalance of bosses in Corrupted Areas and the Invasion league.

Overwhelmingly, feedback on Invasion (and Corrupted Area) bosses is that they're unfairly hard. While we've previously toned them down several times, it became clear that a larger scale rebalance was required. We wanted to retain the feeling of danger, while making sure that players had time to react and choose whether to engage the bosses.

This rebalance is still ongoing and being tested internally, but our current work has involved:
  • The item rewards from these bosses have been rebalanced to be more consistent and fair. None were decreased.
  • Defensive values of these bosses have been reduced substantially. They're not all super tanky any more.
  • Their resistances have been reduced and made consistent. They're not heavily resistant to a single element now.
  • The damage of the more dangerous ones has been decreased.
  • Bosses that summoned additional monsters have been changed to summon fewer monsters. This should also help with graphical performance.
  • Flameblast used by these bosses now looks different than the player version.
  • Corrupted areas are going to receive their own map mod balance (as opposed to using the same ones that our end-game map system currently uses). They're generally the same mods with decreased values. Some of the heavily-build-restrictive ones (like Blood Magic) are gone.

We're expecting to deploy this update late next week.
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Last edited by Chris on May 15, 2014, 6:55:47 PM
We'll definitely continue to fine-tune the balance of these bosses.

I am locking this thread because the described changes have been made in 1.1.3.
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