Rebalancing Corrupted Area and Invasion Bosses (Locked May 16)

Chris wrote:

Corrupted areas are going to receive their own map mod balance (as opposed to using the same ones that our end-game map system currently uses). They're generally the same mods with decreased values. Some of the heavily-build-restrictive ones (like Blood Magic) are gone.

While I'm happy to see a balance pas son this, I'd rather have seen the ability to use Orbs on the Corrupted Areas, similar to how we can use them on the Strongboxes.
very nice patch notes
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Let us roll the corruption zones like the strongboxes :D
More content nerfs. Could we get -50% monster hp in the Apex of Sacrifice? Or loot 2.0?
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I agree with this but don't agree that most invasion bosses won't be going in to the permanent hardcore/softcore leagues as posted as well.

Should make it so the original Judgement Apparatus spawns every instance, such fun, much lightning ball, no cant hab dis skill player base, ow.
Chris wrote:
The item rewards from these bosses have been rebalanced to be more consistent and fair. None were decreased.

I've always liked that GGG aren't afraid to nerf things as needed, unlike other games that cater to whiners, only buffing and never nerfing. Categorically nerfing Invasion bosses while unilaterally keeping their loot the same sounds a bit off. Please ensure you revisit their loot so they aren't dropping too much in these new easy versions. If you've already considered all that, carry on. :)
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My level 80, 84 all res resist with max block and spell block DIES to a level 51 Corrupted area boss with no pertinent mods on. Freeze, freeze, crit, crit, dead. Wildly, wildly, unbalanced. That, and ANYTHING that perma spawns things...lag dead.
ofc invasion bosses nerf again

Why listening to noobs every fucking time?

This is a shadow of the hardcore game it was
My request: Please publish tables of monster stats (damage, defensive properties, skills used) in a "Bestiary" (old d2 had this) with full detail based on monster level so we can finally known what potential exists without having to find out the hard way.

BTW is extremely out of date.
cool cool, wonder if Rima will still be a bitch for my 85 melee :p


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