Seraph Armour Skin Microtransactions in SotV

Where is daily deal missing? O.o
I NEED THAT STUFF :D Actually buying mtx out of it! ;)
I want a lolly pop weapon skin
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I like the armour set, i don't like the light effects, its too much.
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This armor doesn't look a tad realistic in terms of being combat-ready. The wings on the helmet are nice, the rest is over the top...
great, templar-with-pants- era !!!!!
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Can I use the armour skin, without the armor? Hint: BOR

Probably not.
I wish they would change the code behind it so it effected the slot instead of the armor/weapon, so the effect would override the "real" item or something like that, that way you would be able to use back item as well when using BOR or/and get a nice effect when using Facebreaker (no weapon equipped, no problem your fists will glow instead).
All you need is a BOR-specific T-shirt skin you can buy, admit it!
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Cool dealio
seraph armor looks flashy and bright, i'm sure some asian fantasy game players will like it.

edit: for a more constructive feedback, i prefer a more dark and gritty look and ggg did alot in the past to satisfy my needs.

when i think twice about it, what really irritates me on the seraphim gear is that the "feathers" are too long. they remind me more on a manga movie than the dark and brutal environment of wraeclast.

somebody later here suggested a dark version of the armor, that would be something i would even think about putting points into :-)
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