Seraph Armour Skin Microtransactions in SotV

One of the areas of Sacrifice of the Vaal content that we haven't discussed yet is what new cosmetic microtransactions it introduces. We've had a lot of requests for full armour skins (including body armours), so we're proud to announce that 1.1.0 will contain the Seraph Body Armour Skin, Seraph Helmet Skin, Seraph Boots Skin, Seraph Gloves Skin and full (bundled with discounted price) Seraph Set Skins. By the way, the SotV Patch Notes should be ready by late tomorrow. Thanks again for your support!
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Yay new stuff!
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cool stuff
waka waka oh and first page :P
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1st page hype =D
First? :P
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Oh damn! ._.
Must. Have. Seraph. Armour! D:
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More micro transactions ans still no new content?

Oh, right.

i want new passive tree..

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