Seraph Armour Skin Microtransactions in SotV

super cool set! about time! :D i suspect sarn will soon have many seraphs.
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Looks awesome, but I'm beginning to feel that's the only way I'll ever get OP looks like that. Is what I mean, is that the normal armour doesn't look too flash. But I suppose when the day comes they change the chestplate's like they did with helmets it will be great!
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In the final week of creating an expansion, the patch notes are not the highest priority. They take a very long time to make (12-16 hours) because they involve carefully reviewing many thousands of committed pieces of work. In the case of SotV, it's over 7000 individual repository commits.

The absolute priority right now is making sure that SotV is ready for deployment and as awesome as it can be. We'll probably have the patch notes done according to our initially specified timeline, and even if last minute stuff comes up and they're a day later, that's still earlier than we'd normally post them before a patch. Thanks for your patience. I'm getting back to work now.
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Probably behind on the patch notes because of an issue with their file sharing system.
Patch notes failed to sync with multiple opened copies. LOL

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So no patch notes on March 3 like promised? :P
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So no patch notes on March 3 like promised? :P

but seraph !
Hey Chris,
Time to get your rod out and chill on fish side :)))))))))))))))))

keep it up
just a few questions chris, plz respond to that...

1. will the tree reset like after anarcy and we get full regrets on passive?
2. will the tree even change?
3. have you taken care of snapshooting items? (for summoners, bloodmagic, etc...)
4. did u balance the numbers spellcaster vs attacks?
5. did crown of eyes got a nerf?

that is all i need to know (and many others allso) to start planning for the next league...

thank you very much
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